Thursday 11 December 2014

NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Set | Christmas Gift Idea #2

The other day I shared with you my first Christmas gift idea, the Yankee Candle Melt Warmer, and today I’m going to share with you my second gift idea, the amazing NARS Digital World Lip Set.

NARS Digital World

It comes in a stunning and sturdy plastic box, that can be used to store anything, from makeup to jewelry. Is incredibly beautiful, and a gorgeous gift already!

What’s inside is even more gorgeous though: five NARS lip pencils, with a stunning variety of shades and finishes.
There are three Satin Lip Pencils, in the shades Descanso, Torres del Paine and Yu, and two Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in the shades Iberico and Cruella.
There’s something for everyone and for every occasion: a nude, a peach, a bright pink, an orangey red and a gorgeous red.

NARS Digital World Swatches

The formulas are amazing. I adore Nars Lip Pencils, and the Satin and Velvet Matte are my favourites. They last well whilst being comfortable (and I’m quite picky with lip formulas, I truly love only 1/2 of what I try…), and the pencil formula makes application really easy.

I think this is the perfect gift for everyone: the lipstick lover is going to have something new and amazing to play with, but I also think it’s a really good way to get someone into wearing colour on the lips, with such a wide range of shades!

Are you a big lover of NARS Lip Pencils too? Have you bought one of these for yourself or as a gift, or plan to?

L’altro giorno vi ho parlato della mia prima idea regalo per Natale, il diffusore elettrico per tart Yankee Candle, e oggi vi parlerò della mia seconda idea regalo, il meraviglioso set labbra Digital World NARS.

Si presenta in una meravigliosa scatola di plastica bella solida, che può essere usata per conservare altre cose, dal makeup ai gioielli. È meravigliosa, e già lei è un bellissimo regalo!

Quello che contiene è però ancor più meraviglioso: cinque matite labbra NARS, con una meravigliosa varietà di tonalità e finish.
Ci sono tre Satin Lip Pencils, nelle tonalità Descanso, Torres del Paine e Yu, e due Velvet Matte Lip Pencils nelle tonalità Iberico e Cruella.
C’è qualcosa per tutti e per ogni occasione: un nude, un pesca, un rosa acceso, un rosso aranciato e un bellissimo rosso.
La formula è per tutte favolosa. Adoro le Lip Pencils NARS, e le Satin e le Velvet Matte sono le mie preferite. Durano a lungo pur rimanendo confortevoli (e sono piuttosto difficile con i prodotti labbra, mi piacciono davvero solo la metà di quelli che provo…), e il fatto che siano a matita rende l’applicazione semplicissima.

Penso sia il regalo perfetto per tutte: l’amante dei rossetti avrà qualcosa di nuovo e meraviglioso con cui divertirsi, me penso anche che sia il regalo perfetto per qualcuno che si deve abituare a indossare colori sulle labbra, con una così alta varietà di colori!

Siete come me amanti delle Lip Pencils NARS? Avete acquistato questo set per voi o come regalo, o ne avete intenzione?



  1. I've never tried NARS Lip Pencils before so this set is such an amazing way to try out some gorgeous shades. The only shade I would be scared of wearing is Iberico as orange isn't really my thing x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Great choice. Honestly, I wasn't think of these but now you've made me want it. Hehe. I like the Nars pencil formula but lately I haven't found mys

  3. I've already read about them - they actually look very nice !
    I prefer the Descanso + Torres del Paine :-)

  4. Such a gorgeous little set, i need this so bad!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  5. this is really a great gift idea
    I asked my friend from US to get it for me and Im waiting :P

  6. Love this set! I agree, this would make a great gift. To give and receive ;-)

  7. I love the look of this gift set! I've always wanted to try their lip pencils before too :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  8. Hey Guydy, I have this one and I really like three out of the five! The two paler shades don't work as well on me, but I can't say I didn't see that coming because lighter shades almost never do! It'd make a great present for sure :)

  9. I'm really happy i sort of halfed this with someone else. well not really halted. basically i wanted cruella and she wanted everything else lol but it totally worked out !


    A Beauitful Zen

  10. I love these and I need moreeee!! Haha!

  11. I love NARS lip products! This little set is so gorgeous I was nearly tempted to buy it for myself in Sephora the other day but I'm trying to keep "self gifts" to a minimum! I can't imagine anyone not loving this set xx

    Love and Marmalade

  12. I bought a nude Nars pencil not so long ago but as there are 2 nudes in this set, I decided not to buy it. It's a beauty though and I think it's the perfect gift for Christmas. My favourite colour from the bench has to be Cruella.


  13. I have dragon girl and love it . I wasn't sure about the lighter shades in this collection and had already bought the bite beauty set as well as the sephora jumbo pencil set bahha so skipped this. Yu seems to be universally flattering!! What was your fav of the lot Gyudy?

  14. This one is on my wishlist, for sure! I already own Cruella and I'm in love with it. I'm in particular looking forward seeing how Descanso works on me. Looks like such a pretty nude shade. The formula is so long lasting.. one of the best !

  15. These are beautiful but I decided to pass on the set because I knew I wouldn't be bold enough to wear the bright colours. lol :)

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  16. This is beautiful. M sure all the colors will look flattering on you.