Sunday, 27 December 2015

2015 Favourites ft. Sephora, Formula X and more

The year is coming to an end, and the time for yearly favourites has come. Whilst I was thinking about what I wanted to write as my first beauty post after my long break (read more about it here), the beauty faves of the last few months kept making an appearance in my head. And so I thought: what’s better than the products I’ve loved for months as my 2015 favourites? Let’s start!

Sephora Outrageous Curl Formula X System to go L'Oreal So Couture Vichy

Skincare wise, I have a couple of firm favourites that never disappoint me: the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot. The Sephora makeup remover is great at removing heavy makeup or just for being sure that every scrap of mascara has been removed, doesn’t irritate my eyes and so little is needed that it lasts for a really long time. I’ve been using this for years, and even if sometimes I like to try something different I always come back to it! The Vichy spot treatment is something I’ve only started using in the last couple of months, and while I still think my Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel is incredible (review - that stuff is the bomb against angry blemishes!), I’ve been enjoying this as a more gentle spot treatment. It’s specifically designed to treat blemishes without drying out the skin, thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid in it and it’s equally great to treat blemishes as it is to prevent them from coming out as angry monsters once you start feeling them coming under the skin (gross I know, but it’s the ugly truth!).

Speaking of makeup, the stars of the year for me have undoubtedly been mascara and eyeliner. Even on minimal makeup days mascara is something I just love to wear: when I came back from holidays this summer I was so in love with my tanned skin (and I didn’t have a matching foundation, to be honest!), that I took advantage of it and only worn concealer, mascara and brow pencil for a good two to three weeks. But I need an amazing mascara to be able to wear it alone, and my absolute favourite has been the Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara. The tiny brush is able to give a not clumpy but incredibly voluminous look, gives amazing length to the lashes and as the name suggest is amazingly at holding a curl. A true winner!
2015 has been the year of the eyeliner for me, as I’ve been wearing it more than ever. Most days it’s just been a good sharp line made with an eye pencil (love the Kiko one I shared in my monthly favourites here!), but when I wanted an intense black line my favourite one to use has been the L’Oréal Paris Super Liner So Couture. I bought it more than a year and a half ago when it came out with the So Couture mascara (loooooooved that one too!), and it’s still my fave. It’s incredibly easy to use as the nib is really fine but not too flexible, and it gives a really opaque waterproof black line that’s not glossy but not too mat. It looks good with eyeshadow and on bare lids too, and I always come back to it after trying something else. Love it!

Nail Polish wise, I have no doubt. 2015 has been the year of Formula X. The System is something amazing at keeping nail polish on for ages: I get almost two weeks of wear and remove the nail polish before it chips because I have too much nail showing for my liking, at their nail polish formulas are the best around. Lately they’ve been coming out with portable kits which include either a classic shade alongside the System or a nail care program which targets different nail conditions. I love these To Go kits too and I find them great to save space on luggages or as an intro to the brand.

My favourite perfume has been, without a single thought, YSL Black Opium. The coffee gives an unusual twist to the vanilla in it and since I discovered it more than a year ago (and run out once already too) it’s been all that I’ve worn. Everyday, without fail. I prefer the original Eau de Parfum to the newer Eau de Toilette, and the bottle is incredibly beautiful too. I can’t see me changing perfume anytime soon as after more than a year I’m still in love with this one like the first day.

Here it’s my little selection of products that I’ve truly been loving throughout the year. A lot more springs to mind, but these are the true winners that deserve the title of “yearly favourites”. For the others, there are always Monthly Favourites posts… ;)

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what your favourites products of 2015 have been, and feel free to link me your posts or videos in the comments!


Sunday, 20 December 2015

I'm back! Life happens, going barefaced and getting fit

Long time no see around these parts! I know, I’ve disappeared all of a sudden a few months ago and it’s only been in the last couple of months that I’ve been at least a little bit active online on my Instagram, but, as they say, life happens. And, well, a lot has happened. My life has changed in so many ways I couldn’t even imagine, and in that process the blog took a backseat.

But I’m back!

I’m back to start writing again about my beauty discoveries and loves, about the new exciting launch and the daily face I’ve been sporting, and about the products I don’t find all that great too. I’m back to talk with you about beauty in full swing!

In these months of silence I’ve kept watching the odd YouTube video and read a few blog posts here and there, but I’ve also gone more than a couple of weeks without wearing makeup and went a couple of months without even stepping my feet into Sephora. Yeah, I thought I was going mad too, lol! Jokes aside, I’ve been experiencing my love for beauty in a more relaxed way, and I like it. I’m going to talk more about it in future posts, but for now I can tell you that I’m more than happy to walk around barefaced as much as I adore putting on my daily makeup loves, and that’s a change from how I used to be.

Speaking of getting into more than beauty, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen it transition from almost makeup only, to “life”, and in the last coupe of months into a mixture of what I’ve been most into lately, being food and fitness alongside with makeup. The ongoing journey toward a fitter me is something I’ve already talked about in previous posts (here’s a couple of links! link, link), but in the last months I’ve attempted to take it pretty seriously once and for all. The fact that I’ve moved out and I’m now living with my new boyfriend (will be six months since we first met in a couple of days - told you life happened!) has helped tremendously: being the one taking care of everything makes for better choices and a more active life. There are going to be some posts about this topic too - I hope you’re all going to like them!

Tell me, what have you been up to in the last few months? What have been your favourite beauty discoveries?

See you next Sunday! ;-)


Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Beauty Swap With Kimmy

I’ve always loved the idea of a beauty swap. Two friends with the same passion for beauty that decide to send each other a package full of amazing goodies to both try something new? Sounds amazing! So when the wonderful Kimmy that blogs over at Beauty Isles asked me if I was interested in doing one, I said yes without a second thought. We agreed on a budget and told each other a few brands we wanted to try: here are the amazing things she sent me!

beauty swap tarte bite milani nyx bahamas italy

I haven’t had the chance to try everything just yet, as I like to take my time and treasure every single thing I open, but I can tell you that I’m in love with everything. I wish I didn’t open everything the second I got into my car and took the time to take a picture of the amazing way Kimmy had packaged everything, because almost every single item was carefully packaged with beautiful thin paper, apart from the samples in a really beautiful tulle-style bag. I’ve never received so many beauty items at once, so it’s been a lot better than any Christmas opening them!

I’m going to talk a bit more about the products in upcoming posts, as so many of them deserve their own post or a place in future favourites! What I can tell you now is:
- how amazing Kat Von D Lock -it Tattoo Foundation is (read more in this IG picture!),
- how deeply I’m in love with both the Tarte and the Milani blushes (shades Magic and Tea Rose; seriously, I adore them!),
- how pretty is the Wet n Wild Walking On Eggshells palette (amazing pigmentation and so easy to blend!),
- how gorgeous is the Bite Beauty Grandifolia Lipstick and how stunning is its packaging,
- how excited I am to try all the samples, especially the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (insert a full line of heart-shaped eyes emojis!) and
- how wonderfully smelling is the Eos Lip Balm! I opened it this morning and my whole room smells minty now.

Seriously Kimmy, thank you! I’m in love with everything and it’s been such a fun thing to do! I’m so glad we met though this amazing experience that is blogging and it’s incredible to have such a wonderful friend even if so many kilometers away!

Are you curious to see what I sent to Kimmy? Here’s the post!

Have you ever participated in a Beauty Swap like this? What are the things you’d like to try but can’t get where you live?


Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Cheek Trios

I usually like to change my makeup quite a lot day after day: there might be weeks full of “quick swipe of liner and no eyeshadow or I’m gonna be late”, but I still like to grab a different eyeliner everyday. And the same thing goes for base, cheeks and lips: I like to rotate between at least 3 or 4 products constantly, to avoid using the one same thing everyday and leave the rest of my collection untouched. There’s a cheek combo I haven’t been able to put down lately though: let’s see what I love about them and my favourite tools to apply them!

Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder Celestial Chanel Blush Camelia Rose Nars Yachiyo Real Tecniques Sephora

The Contour - Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium + The Brush - Real Techniques Contour Brush
I can’t help it, the day I discovered this contour powder I forgot about all the other options I had or wanted. I love it so much than when yesterday at Sephora the lady greeted me with the new Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette - she knew it was something I could like! - I told her I was going to think about it. I couldn’t recognize myself, lol!
Anyway, back to the product. I told you about my love for it back in my December Favourites for the first time (link!), and nothing has changed. I find it the perfect shade and texture, and one quick swipe gives me a lovely subtle yet defined contour that looks incredibly natural.
The perfect tool? The aptly named Contour Brush from the Real Techniques’ Core Collection. Everyone seems to use this brush for something else, but I adore it for contour. It’s small enough to fit underneath my cheekbones but fluffy enough to blend the product, and it just works.

The Colour - Chanel Jardin De Chanel Blush Camélia Rosé + The Brush - Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush
I know, I know. This limited edition blush is probably impossible to find now, but the point here is: it’s the blush that flatters me the most as it just works with my skin tone. I love that I can wear it more subtly or go for a more intense look, the it blends perfectly and that’s got just the slightest hint of perfect glow to it.
And well, it’s beautiful and it’s been staying that way for a really long time, with all the beautiful flowers still there despite the intense use (it’s been in heavy rotation since January, proof here!).
So: find your perfect blush and apply it with the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is what I’m trying to say here (insert appropriate emoji). Seriously though, this brush is perfect (review). It makes the subtlest blush pop without effort and the boldest one blend with ease, and it works with every other kind of face powder if needed. I also got over the fear of washing it and just wrap up the handle in a small towel to avoid getting it wet and ruining it, and it’s been working perfectly.

The Highlight - Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder + The Brush - Sephora Collection Pro Contour Brush #74
Kevin Aucoin has done it again, and its famous Celestial Powder is as great as the Sculpting one. I love highlighters, but I don’t like a too intense look: I have a few other ones I love (see my post about them here), but I love this one more as it’s the most flexible of them all. A dab of the brush gives a great subtle highlight perfect for daytime and a few swipes make for a great evening look, and it’s so finally milled that there’s not a single chunkier shimmer in sight.
The brush I love to use with it is the one Sephora suggest for contouring: it’s small and soft enough for contouring, yes, but it’s got a flatter shape than the Real Techniques one and therefore I like it less than that one. It’s perfect for highlight though, as it allows to apply powder sheerly or to really pack it on and the shape is just right.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing on my cheeks on an almost daily basis in the last months (!). What’s been your go to cheek combo lately? Are you as shocked as me that these products still look brand new after months of intense use? ;)

Versione italiana in progress! Online a breve ;)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Favourites

This is one of those rare months when choosing five products for my monthly favourites has taken no time at all. Two firm favourites and a couple of really new addictions, alongside a product that has improved my mornings: let’s begin!

Clinique Pop Lipstick Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Kiehl's Vichy Lancome

Vichy Idéalia Eyes
This eye cream is a beige and slightly luminescent fluid that’s really pleasant to apply and sinks in fast. You are meant to use the silicon-y applicator to apply it under the eyes, but I gave up after a couple of days and started applying it with my fingers as usual. The best part? I think it works! I haven’t slept particularly more or better lately, quite the contrary, but I’ve seen an improvement in my dark circles after nearly two months of daily use, and it’s incredible!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
You know I love this, but sometimes I have to remind myself I do. When I started using Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep as my night cream I stopped using it and I don’t think my skin has been happy about that. Not that I don’t like the Vichy moisturizer, but my skin missed this! The first night I used it again I woke up with radiant skin, and it instantly reminded me why I love it so much: I’ve then started to alternate between the two and it’s been working amazingly.

Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation
My love affair with this foundation started in January (proof in my monthly favourites here), and it hasn’t stopped yet. Moisturizing and glowy (which has became my primary requirement base wise lately) but with good coverage and good lasting power once powdered, I really can’t fault it. As you know I like to experiment with different foundations and like to always try new ones, but every time I use this again after a few days I can’t avoid being wowed by it all over again.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop
I know, I’ve only had this for the last few days of April, but I couldn’t left it out of this favourites, I’m in love! The formula glides on the lips like nothing else and you can really feel the primer in it smoothing your lips. It goes on amazingly pigmented in one stroke, and I’m totally in love with the shade I got: have a look at it in this Instagram picture (link)! The only flaw? You can see it escaping from the contour of your lips if you don’t wear a transparent lip liner as a barrier: just remember to use that and it’s fine though.

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Nail Polish in Bamboo White
I have a soft spot for white and off white nail polishes, and this one might just be the best one of them all. A gorgeous pink tinged white, goes on with ease despite the slight difficulties with the first layer and looks incredible on the nails. It’s a really chic colour and the packaging is utterly beautiful, and with my usual The System from Formula X (reviewed here) it lasts a whole week without chipping (I still have it on and I haven’t been careful with my nails at all this week). I love it!

Here’s what I’ve been loving in the last month: do we share any favourites? Have you tried any of these products?

Questo è uno di quei rari mesi in cui scegliere cinque prodotti per questo post non ha richiesto che pochi attimi. Due prodotti fidati, due novità recentissime e un prodotto che ha migliorato sensibilmente le mie mattine… Cominciamo!

Vichy Idéalia Occhi
Questa crema occhi è un fluido beige leggermente luminoso che è davvero piacevole da applicare e che si assorbe molto rapidamente. Si dovrebbe usare l’applicatore in silicone per applicarlo sul contorno occhi, ma dopo un paio di giorni ho rinunciato e ho cominciato ad applicarlo con le dita come al solito. La parte migliore? Penso che funzioni! Non ho dormito particolarmente di più o meglio ultimamente, al contrario, ma ho visto un miglioramento delle mie occhiaie dopo quasi due mesi di uso quotidiano, ed è incredibile!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Sapete che lo amo, ma qualche volta ho bisogno di ricordarmene. Quando ho cominciato ad usare Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleeo come crema notte ho smesso di usarlo e non penso che la mia pelle ne sia stata contenta. Non che l’idratante Vichy non mi piaccia, ma questo olio alla mia pelle è mancato. La prima notte in cui l’ho usato di nuovo mi sono svegliata con la pelle super luminosa, e mi sono immediatamente ricordata del perché mi piace così tanto: da allora ho cominciato ad alternarlo con la crema e sta andando benissimo.

Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation
La mia storia d’amore con questo fondotinta è cominciata a gennaio (prova nei miei preferiti qui), e non è ancora finita. Idratante e luminoso (requisiti diventati necessari ultimamente) ma con una buona coprenza e un’ottima durata con un po’ di cipria, non riesco a trovargli un difetto. Come sapete mi piace provare diversi fondotinta e testarne sempre di nuovi, ma tutte le volte che uso di nuovo questo dopo qualche giorno non posso fare a meno di pensare “wow”!

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop
Lo so, è stato nelle mie mani solo gli ultimi giorni di aprile, ma non potevo lasciarlo fuori da questi preferiti, lo adoro! La formula morbidissima scivola sulle labbra come nessun’altra e si può sentire la componente primer che leviga le labbra. È incredibilmente pigmentato in una passata, e adoro la tonalità che ho scelto: eccola in questa foto su Instagram (link)! L’unico difetto è che tende a migrare fuori dalla linea delle labbra senza una matita trasparente come barriera: basta ricordarsi questo step però ed è perfetta.

Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Nail Polish in Bamboo White
Ho un debole per gli smalti bianchi e simili, e questo potrebbe essere il migliore di tutti. Un bellissimo bianco rosato, si applica benissimo nonostante le leggere difficoltà della prima passata come accade sempre con gli smalti bianchi e sulle unghie è semplicemente stupendo. È un colore davvero chic e il packaging è incredibilmente bello, e con il mio amato The System Formula X (review qui) dura un’intera settimana senza sbeccarsi (lo indosso da più di una settimana e non sono stata per niente attenta questa settimana). Lo adoro!

Ecco i prodotti che ho più apprezzato questo mese: abbiamo qualche preferito in comune? Avete provato qualcuno di questi prodotti?


Sunday, 26 April 2015

My hair colour story

A topic I haven't talked about much here on my blog is my hair, and the fact that I've been dying them for quite a while now. I always feel more “me” with something closest to my natural hair colour, but I have experimented a fair bit in my life, and today I want to share it with you!

Hair Colour, Madison Reed, Colour Personality

I’ve always loved my natural hair colour. After a blondish childhood, my hair colour turned a warm shade of brown growing up, and I’ve always loved it. Fearing I would develop grey hairs pretty soon just like my mum, I’d always been afraid of the day dying my hair would become a necessity… And like a lot of teenagers I decided to suddenly go against that at 16.

Luckily I don’t have any pictures of that time on my computer and I don’t feel the urge to look for them anywhere else, as what I did was not pretty. I went into the hairdresser with long hair, asking for a shorter do and some purple hues. Instead of dying my hair, he decided to bleach a few strands and dye them bright purple. Obviously he didn’t tell me anything about the purple dye fading quickly and I was soon left with light blonde strands in random places, and a terrible hair cut. Have you guessed I’ve never walked into that hairdresser again?

After that horrible experience, my fear of hair dye grew stronger, until one day my mum convinced me to get some highlights done at her hairdresser. Another big mistake: I don’t feel like me with lighter hair. I generally don’t really like blonde highlights on anyone unless you already have blonde hair, and that was not my case. What makes me feel more “me” is a darker hair colour with some coppery tones, and blonde highlights (even if they were done amazingly, I have to say!) just aren’t for me.

Then the day came. One grey hair after another, I really needed to do something. And I though to do something different for a change, this time loving it. A mahogany shade in a 4 weeks lasting formula, that looked really good on my long hair. I loved it! But there was something else I had wanted to try for ages, and that was red. And red I went!

The first couple of weeks it was gorgeous: a rich red that complimented my skin tone really well, and was very fun but classy. But I had two problems with that shade: it was turning orange incredibly quickly (probably because of he warmer tones in my natural hair colour), and how much it had restricted my makeup palette. Trust me, I was shocked. So many things I used to love, I was now unable to wear. Anything cooler that a coral looked terrible against my red hair. And so, I said bye to red.

I started going shorter with my haircuts, and needed to cover the red (that only looked good on my long hair, I have to add). My hairdresser at the time went for an almost black shade, and whoa, I was different! Too different, I’d say. A lot of people loved it on me (but not my mum, that still thinks of me as a blonde, lol), but I wasn’t myself. It looked lovely against my light skin tone, but something was wrong.

And here I am. With a short do I’m trying to grow back to shoulder length, and a warm brunette hair colour I regularly get done at my now trusty hairdresser (since I met him I stopped letting months pass between one visit and the other and changing place after two times at most - it’s love!) that it’s the closest I can get to my natural hair colour - just a tiny bit darker to avoid it fading too quickly.

If you want to change your hair colour and need some inspiration, I recently found the Color Advisor page on the website of the hair dye company Madison Reed, which makes harsh chemicals free hair dyes, and it's amazing as it gives you detailed options and gives you a lot of choice.

Experimenting is fun, and your personality needs to shine through your hair colour, but I think that probably the color you were born with is what suits you most. You can play with it and change it a bit, but it’s what personally makes me feel more me. But if a drastic change is what you need, don’t fear it. You can find your new you, or you can always go back!

This post has been written in collaboration with Madison Reed. I didn’t receive any compensation for this post.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Spring-cleaning my stash: the outcome

Last week I shared with you my intentions of having a clean up of my beauty drawers (link!), because I hadn’t done it for a while. It’s something I don’t really like to do, as I much prefer to have a look around once a month or so to rotate what I’m using and get rid of that one odd thing it’s not meant to be there anymore, but I really had to, and so, I did it. Here’s the outcome!

Spring-cleaning, Beauty, Makeup, Haircare, Downsizing

What I need to use more
When I began to reorganize my drawers a few things I wasn’t using immediately caught my eye: some of them were simply sitting there, neglected, whilst others were on their last chance to be used.
The MAC Studio Finish Concealers are way past their date, but they’re still the same and I love them so much that I’m now on a mission of using them up. The Prep+Prime BB Beauty Balm, on the other hand, it’s still only a year old but I’ve barely used it even though it’s great, so I’ve decided to use it more and make room for similar products I want to try. The Groundwork Paint Pot it’s the only cream eyeshadow I’ve ever truly loved, but it’s past its date too and needs to be used up.
I really need to use up my lip glosses too. I’m not really a lipgloss girl so they mainly sit there untouched, but since I’ve bought them I have to use them. I use some kind of lip product everyday so I only need to remind to use them in place of lipsticks most days. I only have a couple more than the ones showed, but without a doubt my Maybelline Color Sensational, Clarins Lip Perfector, Lancôme Gloss in Love and YSL Gloss Volupté have to be the firsts to go. And avoiding buying lip glosses even more would be a good plan!
Eyeshadow palettes are not something I neglect, but something I have to use more on a daily basis. Too many mornings with a rushed ten minutes makeup have to stop!

What’s not meant to be anymore
The only two things in my stash I think are too old to be used are two foundations: Chanel Vitalumière Aqua and Laura Mercier Silk Crème. They both never worked for me for a reason or another, and now they’re too old to give them away. The Laura Mercier one has always been to dark and I’ve never liked it mixed with other formulas so I’ve never really used it, and the Chanel one it’s nearly gone but I’ve stopped trying to make it work for me for a while now, and now it’s not safe to be used anymore.

What doesn’t work for me
The biggest category is made of things I need to give away as they’re just occupying space: I don’t use them because I don’t like them.
The three liquid foundations, Nars Sheer Glow, Clarins Everlasting + and Kiko Liquid Skin aren’t too old but every time I use them I don’t like them on me. The Kiko one is too light in coverage, and the Clarins and Nars one suck the life out of my skin when I use them.
The Neve Cosmetics Bio Primer just does nothing for me and their compact mineral foundation, Flat Perfection, gives me a huge reaction whenever I try to use it.
The Benefit Majorette Blush is something I used a lot when I first got it but I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t really like it: the compact turns really messy even if I’m the tidies person whilst using makeup and the result isn’t really worth the time spent applying it.
The Rimmel Just let it go… makeup remover is meant to remove waterproof makeup but it works less than a standard micellar water on me, and the Lush DD Tea Deodorant has an embarrassing (literally!) low lasting power.
Those Bumble and Bumble hair products are something I really wanted to like, but they mess up with my sensitive scalp. They didn’t at first, but I haven’t been able to use them anymore lately so they have to go away.

A few things to use up, a few gifts to make and only two products in the bin. I’m pretty satisfied with my clean up!

Have you spring-cleaned your beauty stash recently? What have you got rid of?

La scorsa settimana vi ho parlato della mia intenzione di fare una cernita dei miei prodotti beauty (link!), non avendola fatta da un po’. È una cosa che proprio non mi piace fare, visto che preferisco di gran lunga dare un’occhiata una volta al mese e ruotare i prodotti che uso e far fuori quel qualcosa di troppo, ma era proprio giunto il momento di farla e quindi ho fatto il mio dovere. Ecco il risultato!

Che cosa devo usare di più
Appena ho cominciato a riordinare i miei cassetti una manciata di cose che non uso abbastanza hanno immediatamente catturato la mia attenzione: qualcuna era semplicemente lì, trascurata, mentre altre erano alla loro ultima occasione di essere usate.
I correttori MAC Studio Finish sono ben oltre la loro data di scadenza, ma non sono cambiati per niente e mi piacciono così tanto che ora ho l’obbiettivo di finirli.
La BB Prep+Prime Beauty Balm, d’altro canto, ha solo un anno ma l’ho usata pochissimo anche se mi piace molto, quindi ho deciso di usarla di più e fare poi posto per prodotti simili che voglio provare. Il Paint Pot Groundwork è l’unico ombretto in crema che mi sia mai veramente piaciuto, ma avrei dovuto finirlo da un po’ quindi devo impegnarmi a finirlo.
Devo anche impegnarmi a finire i miei gloss. Non sono una da gloss quindi rimango perlopiù nel cassetto, ma visto che li ho comprati li devo usare. Uso qualche prodotto labbra tutti i giorni, quindi devo soltanto ricordarmi di usarli al posto del rossetto la maggior parte delle volte. Ne ho solo un paio in più di quelli in foto, ma senza dubbio il Maybelline Color Sensational, il Clarins Lip Perfector, il Lancôme Gloss in Love and il YLS Gloss Volupté devono essere i primi a finire. E evitare ancora di più di comprarne sarebbe un’idea!
Le palette di ombretti non sono una cosa che non uso, ma qualcosa che devo di sicuro usare di più. Troppe mattine di corsa con un trucco da dieci minuti devono finire!

Che cosa non è più il caso di usare
Le uniche due cose che credo siano davvero troppo vecchie per essere usate sono due fondotinta: Chanel Vitalumière Aqua e Laura Mercier Silk Crème. Entrambi non hanno mai funzionato per me per una ragione o per l’altra, e ora sono troppo vecchi per regalarli. Quello Laura Mercier è sempre stato troppo scuro e non mi è mai piaciuto mescolarlo con altri fondotinta quindi non l’ho mai usato davvero, e quello Chanel è quasi finito ma ho smesso di provare a usarlo da un po’ ormai, e non è più il caso di continuare.

Che cosa non va bene per me
La categoria più grande è fatta di cose che devo dare via perché stanno solo occupando spazio: non le uso perché non mi piacciono.
I tre fondotinta liquidi, Nars Sheer Glow, Clarins Everlasting + e Kiko Liquid Skin non sono troppo vecchi ma ogni volta che li uso non mi piace la resa. Quello Kiko ha una coprenza troppo leggera, e quelli Clarins e Nars sono davvero troppo asciutti sulla mia pelle.
Il Bio Primer Neve Cosmetics non fa davvero nulla e il fondotinta compatto, il Flat Perfection, mi provoca una reazione terribile ogni volta che provo ad usarlo.
Il blush Benefit Majorette l’ho usato davvero molto appena comprato ma sono giunta alla conclusione che non mi piace: diventa pasticciato anche se sono super precisa con i prodotti di makeup e il risultato non vale il tempo passato ad applicarlo.
Lo struccante Rimmel Just let it go… dovrebbe rimuovere anche il trucco waterproof ma funziona di meno di una normalissima acqua micellare, e il deodorante Lush DD Tea ha una durata scarsa in maniera letteralmente imbarazzante.
I prodotti Bumble and Bumble avrei voluto che funzionassero su di me, ma creano un sacco di problemi al mio cuoio capelluto sensibile. Non lo facevano all’inizio, ma non sono stata in grado di usarli per niente ultimamente e quindi è inutile che li tenga io.

Un po’ di cose da finire, un po’ di cose da regalare e solo due prodotti da buttare via. Sono piuttosto soddisfatta delle mie pulizie di primavera!

Avete fatto le pulizie di primavera dei prodotti beauty anche voi ultimamente? Di che cosa avete deciso di fare a meno?


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tell me: how do you spring-clean your beauty stash?

I've been thinking about having a spring-clean of my beauty stash for a while now. I used to go through everything in my drawers once a month to see if there was something I didn't like or that was expired, and to have a look around to switch my daily products, but I haven't done it for quite a few months.

I have gone through my skincare and haircare not too long ago (prove in this IG picture - link!), but my skincare is something I tend to keep track of a lot (I don't start using a new product unless I finish what I'm using or I need to because my needs change) and my haircare stash is so minimal I only have a few things to get rid of that just don't work for my hair.

What I really need to get through is my makeup and nail polish stash. I've gotten a lot better at deciding what to buy: I think about it, I wait for it, and then I think about it once more. Now and then I buy a few unnecessary things, but without doing too much damage. I used to buy a lot of nail polishes, and that has stopped ages ago now: I love to try a new formula or buy a colour I fall in love with it, but only do it once in a while.

I am sure there are a lot of things I'm not using, though. Something I forgot that I only need to start using again, something that I used to love that doesn't work for me anymore (and is probably expired), or something that never worked for me even if I tried hard to love it.
I'm going to go through my stash in the next week and update you about the things I decide to get rid of and why next Sunday, but in the meantime, tell me:

What are your rules when spring-cleaning your beauty stash?
Do you have any advice to share?

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Don't forget to have a look at Allison's video: I loved her tips and she definitely inspired me to spring-clean my stash!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Kiko Modern Tribes Collection

The Kiko summer collection is here: its name is Modern Tribes, and it’s stunning. The products are along the same lines of its previous ones with a few innovations, but the packaging is simply incredible. Wooden compacts for blushes and bronzers with magnetic closures and a mirror in the top, it’s the most unique packaging I’ve ever seen, and the other products are packaged in a really lovely way too.
I decided to try a blush, an eye pencil and an interesting lip and cheek pencil, so let’s start!

Kiko Modern Tribes Collection Review Graphic Ritual Free Spirit Tribal Soul Blush Pencil

Graphic Ritual Kajal Eyeliner in Percussion Steel
I love Kiko limited edition eye pencils, and this is great as usual. Being a kajal meant to be used in the inside of the eye too it’s a bit softer, but the color payoff and lasting time are amazing. The shades are beautiful, but this gorgeous shimmery black totally stole my heart! You’re going to find you need to sharpen the pencil when switching eye if you’re a fan of a defined line, but other than that, it’s perfect.

Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks Pencil in Typical Dahlia
This creamy cheeks and lips pencil is a beautiful vivid dusky pink that looks velvety and soft wherever you apply it. Looks beautiful on the cheeks and it’s very blendable, but two layers are definitely needed. On the lips, is soft and comfortable and lasts well too. A handy product for the summer holidays without a doubt!

Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush in Wild Mauve
A baked blush with three different shades of mauvey pink, it has a gorgeous blendable formula. It’s not one of those super glittery baked formulas but it’s still really glowy, just in a more subtle way. The shades can be used separately too and while the difference isn’t dramatic, it makes for a subtly sculpted look that looks really natural. And look at the packaging once again: too gorgeous!

Kiko has launched another beautiful collection with beautiful products, and the improvement from previous years is incredible, especially in the packaging.

Have you tried anything from this collection? Are you tempted by beautiful packaging too?

La collezione estiva Kiko è arrivata: il suo nome è Modern Tribes, ed è bellissima. I prodotti sono simili alle collezioni degli anni precedenti con qualche novità, ma il packaging è semplicemente incredibile. Confezioni in legno per blush e bronzer con chiusura magnetica e specchio nel coperchio, è il packaging più unico che io abbia mai visto, e gli altri prodotti hanno anch’essi un packaging davvero bello.
Ho deciso di provare un blush, una matita occhi e un’interessante matita per labbra e guance, quindi iniziamo!

Graphic Ritual Kajal Eyeliner in Percussion Steel
Mi piacciono sempre le matite occhi Kiko in edizione limitata, e questa è fantastica come al solito. Essendo un kajal è fatta per essere usata anche all’interno dell’occhio ed è quindi più morbida, ma l’effetto è bellissimo e dura a lungo. Le tonalità sono molto belle, ma questo meraviglioso nero brillantinato mi è risultato irresistibile. Vi capiterà di dover temperare la matita tra un occhio e l’altro se amate un effetto definito, ma a parte quello è perfetta.

Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks Pencil in Typical Dahlia
Questa morbida matita per guance e labbra è un bel rosa antico piuttosto vivo che appare vellutato e morbido ovunque venga applicato. È bellissimo sulle guance e si sfuma molto bene, anche se due strati sono necessari. Sulle labbra è confortevole e dura anche a lungo. Un prodotto molto comodo per le vacanze estive senza dubbio!

Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush in Wild Mauve
Un blush cotto con tre diverse tonalità di rosa, ha una fantastica formula molto sfruttabile. Non è uno di quei blush cotti che sono super glitterati, ma è comunque molto luminoso, semplicemente in maniera più delicata. Le tre tonalità possono essere usate anche separatamente e per quanto la differenza non sia molto accentuata, permette di ottenere un look leggermente scolpito molto naturale. E guardate il packaging un’altra volta: stupendo!

Kiko ha lanciato un’altra bellissima collezione con bellissimi prodotti, e il miglioramento dagli anni passati è incredibile, soprattutto nel packaging.

Avete provato qualcosa di questa collezione? Siete tentati dal bel packaging anche voi?


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MAC Face and Body Foundation | Rediscovering an old favourite

MAC Face and Body Foundation is one of those products I fall back in love with from time to time. Considered a must have by makeup artists and being the favourite foundation of quite a lot of people, it’s quite a cult product that I’ve been using and loving for quite some time now and it’s a staple in my stash.

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review

Described by MAC as “a fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium build able coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing”, is available in a handy 50 ml bottle and a bigger 120 ml bottle that is perfect for makeup artists or as a great price per ml option if you’re sure you love it.

I totally agree with what MAC says about it. The coverage can be sheer if applied lightly with fingers or a brush but can be easily built up to medium when layered or buffed in with a brush a little more. The finish goes from satin to glowy depending on how much I layer it: a sheer layer gives a lovely satin finish that becomes really skin like when powdered, whether a couple of layers stay pretty glowy even with powder on top.

It’s truly long wearing as promised and I can imagine being the same on the body, but I’ve not tried it yet! Will definitely do if I decide to buy my summer shade again.

The reason I’ve fallen back in love with it all over again recently is how forgiving is on the skin: my skin has been drier than ever lately (it feels fine when I moisturize it but as soon as I start applying makeup flakes appear and it gets even worse during the day, especially on my nose) and whilst I’m working on it (I’d assume hydrating serum, oil and rich moisturizer would be enough but they aren’t) I need something that doesn’t accentuate dry patches.
Another thing that has allowed me to use it more is the Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette I reviewed in my last post (link!): color correcting everything before and adding a sheer layer of concealer on top when needed as made me want to use a sheerer base, and Face and Body is perfect.

The shade that matches my skin tone perfectly is C1, but in the summer C2 is perfect: the first time I bought it was after the summer holidays a couple of years ago and I remember it working amazingly on tanned skin. I also remember comparing it to the famous Chanel Vitalumière Aqua at the time and thinking it was a lot better, and I still think it is. And since for the price of that tiny Chanel bottle I can buy the huge MAC one, I’d chose this anytime.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of it?

MAC Face and Body Foundation è uno di quei prodotti che di tanto in tanto tornano in cima alla lista dei prodotti preferiti. Considerato un must have dai makeup artist ed essendo il fondotinta preferito di molti, è un prodotto cult che io uso da molto tempo e ormai non posso più farne a meno.

Descritto da MAC come “un fondotinta fluido che consente una copertura flessibile da leggera a media, e una lucentezza naturale e dalla finitura impeccabile”, è disponibile in un comodo formato da 50 ml e in una più grande confezione da 120 ml perfetto per i makeup artist o come un’ottima opzione convenienza se siete sicuri che vi piace.

Sono totalmente d’accordo con quello che dice MAC a proposito di questo fondotinta. La coprenza può essere trasparente se applicato leggermente con le mani o un pennello, ma può essere facilmente aumentata se stratificato o lavorato con il pennello. Il finish va da satinato a luminoso a seconda di quanto lo stratifico: uno strato leggero dona un effetto satin che risulta molto simile alla pelle con un leggero strato di cipria, mentre un paio di strati rimangono piuttosto luminosi anche con la cipria.

È davvero a lunga durata come promesso e posso immaginare che sia lo stesso sul corpo, anche se non l’ho ancora provato. Lo farò sicuramente se deciderò di riacquistare la mia tonalità estiva!

La ragione per cui me ne sono innamorata di nuovo di recente è quanto sia indulgente sulla pelle: la mia è stat più secca che mai ultimamente (sembra a posto quando metto la crema ma appena comincio ad applicare il makeup si screpola e peggiora ulteriormente nel corso della giornata, specialmente sul naso) e mentre cerco di sistemare il problema (un siero idratante, un olio e una ricca crema dovrebbero essere abbastanza, ma a quanto pare no) ho bisogno di qualcosa che non evidenzi le aree più secche.
Un’altra cosa che mi ha permesso di usarlo di più è la palette di correttori Make Up For Ever che ho recensito nel mio ultimo post (link!): correggere le discromie prima e aggiungere coprenza dopo se necessario mi ha fatto venir voglia di usare una base più trasparente, e Face and Body è perfetto.

La tonalità che si adatta perfettamente alla mia pelle è C1, ma in estate C2 è perfetta: la prima volta che l’ho comprato era dopo le vacanze estive e ricordo che funzionava meravigliosamente sulla pelle abbronzata. Mi ricordo anche di averlo paragonato al famoso Chanel Vitalumière Aqua considerandolo decisamente migliore, e continuo a pensare che lo sia. E visto che per il prezzo della piccola bottiglietta Chanel posso comprare l’enorme 120 ml MAC, lo sceglierei in ogni momento.

Avete provato questo fondotinta? Cosa ne pensate?


Sunday, 5 April 2015

The MUFE Pros | 5 Camouflage Cream Palette, Sculpting Kit & Aqua Brow Kit

There is a selection of Make Up For Ever products that aren’t sold in regular Sephora stores here: that includes some strictly “pro only” products and some that could be used by regular costumers too, but for some reason aren’t included in the more readily available line up.
When I went to Cosmoprof in Bologna a couple of weeks ago I immediately jumped at the opportunity of buying a few of them with a pretty good discount too, and this is what I decided to take home with me. I’m really pleased with what I got, so let’s see them one by one!

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Palette Aqua Brow Sculpting Kit

5 Camouflage Cream Palette in #1
This palette contains 5 camouflage creams with a dense texture that cover pretty much everything: a porcelain shade, a light beige, a yellow beige, a golden beige and a green.
They are highly concentrated in pigments, so a little bit goes a really long way and therefore they’re perfect even for a more natural but perfected look. They don’t look cakey in the slightest and they stay put perfectly with a little bit of MUFE HD Powder over the top.
I’ve been using the green shade to cover redness and the golden beige shade (which I find pretty peachy) under my eyes. Then, after foundation, I use the light beige under my eyes to brighten, the yellow beige on my nose and to conceal any redness left in I have any (depending on which foundation I’ve used) and the porcelain shade to highlight my skin subtly.
I’ve been loving this palette a lot, as it covers without looking heavy or cakey and lasts well, which is what I need in a concealer. The green shade is really handy if you suffer from redness like me and I like the fact that there’s also a palette (the #5) that contains all the professional correcting shades.

Sculpting Kit in #3 Gold
When swatching the sculpting kits I couldn’t decide which one to get, and in the end I decided to go with something a little bit different as the contour shade in this kit is a little bit more red toned that what I’m used to look for in a contour. The light shade is a beautiful golden toned highlight that is really subtle and finally milled and is perfect for everyday use.
The contour shade needs to be blended really well but it’s something that’s really easy to do, and I find the result really gorgeous. It looks really natural (probably even more that a grey toned contour) and not orange in the slightest.
The other options look great to but this one looked more unique to me and I guess it’s the more universal one that’s going to look great on a wide range of skin tones.

Aqua Brow Kit in #25 Ash
This is my favourite product out of these: I find it even better that my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and well, that’s saying a lot. And I don’t know why it took me so long to get it as the gel has always been available to me and I’ve always heard good things about it. What makes me happy though is the fact that buying this kit made me get the comb and the amazing brush that come with it, which I think is the main reason I’m loving it so much.
The shade is a really beautiful ashy brown as the name suggests, but it’s still neutral enough to let me wear it without it clashing with my warmer shade of hair.
The comb is great too (and the gel consistency doesn’t get in the bristles too much making it dirty after a couple of days like it happens with eyebrow pencils), and the slanted brush is incredible. It does’t have the typical tightly packed bristles of usual brow brushes, as it’s more dense and they’re a bit unruly. This makes for a really soft application of the gel that would look a little bit to sharp otherwise.
Being a waterproof product it lasts all day, and it’s going to be my best friend in the summer with some MUFE Full Cover Concealer and waterproof mascara for a natural but defined look.

I’m so in love with these things! Have you tried any of them? What are your favourite products from Make Up For Ever?

C’è una selezione di prodotti Make Up For Ever che non vengono venduti nei normali negozi Sephora: include qualche prodotto strettamente “pro” e alcuni che potrebbero essere utilizzate anche dai normali clienti, ma per qualche ragione non sono incluse nella selezione più comunemente disponibile.
Quando sono andata al Cosmoprof a Bologna un paio di settimane fa ho immediatamente colto l’occasione per comprare qualcosa sfruttando anche lo sconto disponibile, e questi sono i prodotti che ho deciso di prendere. Sono davvero contenta di quello che ho preso, quindi vediamoli uno per uno!

5 Camouflage Cream Palette in #1
Questa palette contiene 5 correttori in crema dalla texture densa che coprono praticamente tutto: una tonalità porcellana, un beige chiaro, un beige giallo, un beige dorato e un verde.
Il pigmento è molto concentrato, quindi ne basta pochissimo e sono quindi perfetti anche per un look più naturale ma curato nei dettagli. Non risultano mai pesanti e durano tutto il giorno perfettamente con sopra un leggerissimo strato di MUFE HD Powder.
Sto usando il verde per coprire i rossori e la tonalità beige dorato (che trovo piuttosto pescata) sotto gli occhi. Poi, dopo aver applicato il fondotinta, uso la tonalità beige chiaro sotto gli occhi per illuminare la zona, la tonalità beige giallo sul naso e per correggere eventuali rossori residui (a seconda del fondotinta che ho usato) e la tonalità porcellana per iniziare a scolpire il viso.
Mi piace molto questa palette, visto che copre senza risultare pesante e dura a lungo, ed è ciò che chiedo ad un correttore. La tonalità verde è molto comoda se come me soffrite di rossori e mi piace il fatto che sia disponibile anche una palette (la #5) che contiene tutte le tonalità professionali correttive.

Sculpting Kit in #3 Gold
Quando stavo guardando i kit per il contouring non riuscivo a decidere quale scegliere, e alla fine ho optato per qualcosa di leggermente diverso dal solito visto che la tonalità scura in questo kit va leggermente più sul rosso rispetto a quanto sono solita cercare in un prodotto simile. La tonalità chiara è un bellissimo illuminante dorato che risulta molto delicato ed è perfetto per l’uso quotidiano.
La tonalità scura deve essere sfumata molto bene ma è semplicissimo farlo, e trovo il risultato davvero bello. Risulta molto naturale (probabilmente anche di pi della polveri più tendenti al grigio) e per niente aranciata.
Le altre opzioni sembravano ottime ma questa era quella più unica e credo che risulti anche essere quella più versatile su diverse tonalità di pelle.

Aqua Brow Kit in #25 Ash
Questo è il mio prodotto preferito tra questi: lo trovo anche migliore del Brow Wiz Anastasia Beverly Hills, e non lo dico con leggerezza. Non so perché mi ci sia voluto così tanto per provarlo visto che il gel avrei sempre potuto comprarlo singolarmente da Sephora e ne avevo sentito parlare molto bene. Cosa mi rende felice però è il fatto che comprare questo kit mi ha fatto provare il pettine e il fantastico pennello che contiene, e credo che sia il motivo principale per cui mi piace così tanto.
la tonalità è un bellissimo marrone freddo come suggerisce il nome, ma è abbastanza neutro per permettermi di indossarlo senza che stoni con i miei capelli dalla tonalità più calda. Il pettinino è ottimo (e le consistenza in gel fa si che non si sporchi dopo solo un paio di giorni come avviene con le matite per sopracciglia), e il pennello angolato è incredibile. Non ha le tipiche setole densamente accostate, ed è più denso e più “spettinato”. Questo fa sì che l’applicazione risulti molto naturale, visto che altrimenti il gel rischierebbe di essere troppo pesante.
Essendo un prodotto waterproof dura veramente tutto il giorno, e penso che sarà il mio migliore amico nella stagione estiva con un po’ di MUFE Full Cover Concealer e di mascara waterproof per un look naturale e definito.

Mi piacciono davvero un sacco questi prodotti! Ne avete provati alcuni? Quali sono i vostri prodotti preferiti Make Up For Ever?


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep & Normaderm BB Clear | New at the Pharmacy

It’s time to update you about exciting new things at the Pharmacy again! Apart from a few new things in their Pureté Thermale cleansing range like the new Beautifying Micellar Cleansing Oil (shared in my last monthly favourites here), Vichy has launched a new BB cream and a new night cream, and they’re both amazing.

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep Normaderm BB Clear

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep
This regenerating gel-balm formulated especially for night time use makes you wake up with plumped, rested and fresh skin, no matter the quality of your sleep. Tested on nurses and new mums, Skin Sleep mimics the phase of deep sleep when the skin is repairing itself more actively for a better skin in the morning.
Meant to treat dull and uneven skin tone, the gel-balm texture is fresh and really pleasant to use. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin, LHA which stimulates skin renewal, Glycyrrhizic Acid that soothes and protects Hyaluronic Acid in the skin whilst reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, Caffeine that stimulates the skin, Vitamin B3 that strengthens the skin barrier and protects against redness and has antioxidant properties and repairing oils to make skin more supple.
I’ve been using it for 10 days or so and I’ve been loving the result: it feels like a cuddle on the skin and my skin is truly radiant in the morning. I love the concept, and the result is beautiful!

Vichy Normaderm BB Clear
This new BB cream is available in two shades, and I’ve used the Light one a few times and loved it. It contains Salicylic Acid to treat imperfections and Mineral Pigments to cover them. It has a SPF of 16 and is oil free. it can be applied in place of a day cream or over it, and can be built up for more coverage.
The result is beautiful and applied over my day cream (with my normal to dry skin I would never use it without it) is rather glowy too, and a touch of powder doesn’t disturb that. It builds up beautifully, just like they promise: a first layer evens out the skin and a second one really covers everything, redness included.
I love to include something that fights imperfections is my skincare routine, as my skin stays clear only if I prevent them, and using this a few times a week seems is perfect!

What do you think of this new Vichy items? Have they come out in your country yet?

È arrivato nuovamente il momento di aggiornarvi su un paio di belle novità in farmacia! Oltre a un po’ di novità nella linea di detergente Pureté Thermale come il nuovo Olio Micellare Struccante Sublime (di cui ho parlato dei miei ultimi preferiti del mese qui), Vichy ha lanciato una nuova BB cream e una nuova crema notte, e sono entrambe favolose.

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep
Questo gel-balsamo rigenerate formulato per l’uso notturno ti fa svegliare con la pelle rimpolpata, riposata e fresca, indipendentemente dalla qualità del sonno. Testato su infermiere e neo mamme, Skin Sleep ricrea la fase di “sonno profondo” in qui la pelle si ripara più attivamente per rendere la pelle più bella al risveglio.
Pensata per le pelli spente e non omogenee, la texture gel-balsamo è fresca e piacevole da usare. Contiene Acido Ialuronico per idratare la pelle, LHA che stimola il rinnovamento cellulare, Acido Glicirrizico che lenisce e protegge l’Acido Ialuronico presente nella pelle riducendo le screpolature, la Caffeina nota per il suo effetto stimolante, Vitamina B3 che rinforza la barriera cutanea e protegge dagli arrossamenti oltre ad avere proprietà antiossidanti e oli riparatori per rendere la pelle più morbida.
La sto usando da 10 giorni circa e mi piace molto il risultato: sembra una coccola per la pelle ed essa risulta davvero luminosa al mattino. Mi piace moltissimo l’idea, e il risultato è bellissimo!

Vichy Normaderm BB Clear
Questa nuova BB cream è disponibile in due tonalità, e ho usato quella chiara una manciata di volte e mi è piaciuta molto. Contiene Acido Salicilico per ridurre le imperfezioni e pigmenti minerali per coprirle. Ha un SPF 16 ed è priva di oli. Può essere applicata al posto della crema giorno o sopra di essa, e può essere stratificata per aumentarne la coprenza.
Il risultato è molto bello e applicata sopra alla mia crema giorno (la mia pelle normale-secca non mi permetterebbe di usarla da sola) risulta anche piuttosto luminosa, senza essere disturbata da un velo di cipria. Si stratifica molto bene, proprio come promettono: un primo strato uniforma la pelle e un secondo copre tutte le imperfezioni, rossori compresi.
Mi piace includere qualcosa che combatta le imperfezioni nella mia routine, e visto che la mia pelle rimane priva di esse solo se le prevengo usare questa BB cream qualche volta alla settimana mi sembra la soluzione perfetta!

Cosa pensate di queste novità Vichy? Le avete già viste in giro?


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Favourites ft. Vichy, Kiko and more

This month has been strange, beauty wise. It started with a makeup course at the beginning of the month that didn’t really filled me with enthusiasm, and ended with a beautiful afternoon spent doing makeup on singers for a local tv show. We were expecting a lot less people so it was just me and my friend Lili and therefore it’s been truly exhausting, but it’s been amazing!

But let’s talk about my favourites: a bit of cleansing and makeup removal as it’s such an important step, a bit of lip love and a beautiful liner that has barely left my eyes this month are the stars of this month. Let’s start!

Garnier Micellar Water Vichy Cleansing oil Kiko Lip Scrub Crystal Eyeliner Generation Next Lancome Shine Lover

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
The first micellar water I like as much as my beloved Bioderma Sensibio: the thing that I miss in other alternatives is the softness of the formula. I know it seems like a crazy thing to consider, but without changing the cotton pads I use the softness is the main difference I notice, apart from their ability of removing makeup. It’s quick at doing its job and doesn’t irritate my skin in the slightest, so it’s perfect, and it’s crazily cheap too!

Vichy Pureté Thermal Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil
This is my latest makeup removal/cleansing love. A few pumps of this oil massaged on dry skin remove makeup from face and eyes perfectly - even waterproof products! - and feels lovely and rinses off well when you add water. It doesn’t leave any residue and my normal to dry skin loves it: after I pat it dry it’s soft and radiant and not irritated in the slightest. The only reason my backup of Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has remained unopened!

Kiko Lip Scrub
This gentle lip scrub in a tube is the most brilliant thing as it’s really convenient to use: I apply it after my moisturizer in the morning and I gently rub my lips every now and then whilst I do my makeup. I remove the slight residue before applying my lipstick of choice and my lips are perfectly ready and soft. It’s really a pleasure to use as it’s really nourishing too: you can always massage it in, remove it and apply a lip balm, but I find it works perfectly fine on its own too.

Lancôme Shine Lover in #354 Inattendue
Lancôme has finally launched a sheer hydrating lipstick formula, and has done it amazingly well. With Muscat Rose Oil to hydrate the lips, they feel moisturized and smooth all day long and the colours are incredibly beautiful. I’ve been wearing this natural shade a lot, but I’ve seen a lot of brighter ones that look amazing. And what do we say about the packaging? I find it so, so beautiful!

Kiko Crystal Eyeliner in #06 Sharp Graphite
Part of the amazing Generation Next Collection of which I reviewed a few items here, it’s a long lasting eye pencil with a metallic finish. The creamy texture glides on the skin without slipping away (I don’t like it when pencils are so soft they’re slippery!) and allows of a really precise line in a single stroke. It’s truly long lasting as I’ve been wearing from early morning ‘till night without problems, and this grey shade is truly beautiful! I definitely plan to stock up on it and have a look at other shades when the collection will be on sale this summer.

What have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of my favourites?

Questo mese è stato strano. È iniziato con un corso di trucco che non mi ha proprio riempita di entusiasmo, ed è finito con un bellissimo pomeriggio passato a truccare cantanti per un programma su una tv locale. Ci aspettavamo molte meno persone quindi eravamo solo io e la mia amica Lili, per cui è stato molto stancante, ma davvero fantastico!

Ma parliamo dei miei prodotti preferiti del mese: un paio di prodotti di detergenza viso, qualche coccola per le labbra e una matita occhi fantastica che non ha quasi lasciato i miei occhi sono le star di questo mese. Iniziamo!

Acqua Micellare Garnier
La prima acqua macellare che mi piace quanto la mia amata Sensibio Bioderma: la cosa che mi manca in altre alternative è la morbidezza della formula. So che sembra una cosa strana da considerare, ma senza cambiare i dischetti di cotone che uso la morbidezza è la cosa che noto di più, a parte la loro capacità di rimuovere il makeup. È veloce nel fare il suo lavoro e non irrita la pelle per niente, quindi è perfetta, ed anche super economica!

Olio Micellare Struccante Sublime Pureté Thermale Vichy
Questo è il mio ultimo amore in fatto di rimozione makeup e detersione. Un paio di erogazioni di questo olio massaggiato sulla pelle asciutta rimuove il makeup da viso e occhi perfettamente - anche i prodotti waterproof! - ed è piacevole al tatto e si sciacqua bene quando si aggiunge acqua. Non lascia nessun residuo e la mia pelle normale-secca la adora: dopo aver asciugato la pelle la sento morbida ed appare luminosa e per nulla irritata. La sola ragione per cui la mia scorta di Renaissance Cleansing Gel Oskia è rimasta chiusa!

Lip Scrub Kiko
Questo scrub labbra delicato è davvero geniale ed è davvero comodo da usare: lo applico dopo aver messo la crema al mattino e ogni tanto strofino leggermente le labbra insieme mentre applico il makeup sul resto del viso. Rimuovo il leggero residuo prima di applicare il rossetto scelto e le mie labbra risultano perfettamente idratate e morbide. È davvero piacevole da usare e lo trovo davvero nutriente: è possibile massaggiarlo, rimuoverlo e applicare un balsamo labbra, ma trovo che funzioni benissimo da solo.

Shine Lover Lancôme in #354 Inattendue
Lancôme ha finalmente lanciato una linea di rossetti idratanti e luminosi, e la fatto in maniera eccellente. Con Olio di Rosa Mosqueta per nutrire le labbra, rimangono idratate e levigate tutto il giorno e i colori sono bellissimi. Sto indossando questa tonalità naturale moltissimo, ma ho visto altre tonalità più accese che sembrano favolose. E cosa dire del packaging? Lo trovo bellissimo!

Crystal Eyeliner Kiko in #06 Sharp Graphite
Parte della fantastica collezione Generation Next di cui ho parlato qui, è una matita occhi a lunga durata dal finish metallico. La texture cremosa scorre sulla pelle senza scivolare via (non mi piace quando le matite sono così morbide da risultare scivolose!) e permette l’applicazione di una linea precisa in una sola passata. È davvero a lunga durata e l’ho indossata moltissime volte dal mattino alla sera senza problemi, e questo grigio è veramente bellissimo! Quando la collezione sarà in saldo in estate guarderò sicuramente altre tonalità e farò un po’ di scorta.

Quali sono stati i vostri prodotti preferiti del mese? Avete provato qualcuno di questi?


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Benefit Roller Lash vs. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

When a few reviews of the new Benefit mascara, Roller Lash, started mentioning the mascara I’d been using for a while, Maybelline Lash Sensational, as a potential dupe, I was instantly intrigued. I had bought the Maybelline one on a whim, and the Benefit one was nowhere to be seen ’till the official launch date, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. But the question is: are they dupes? Here’s my verdict!

Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

You know I love Maybelline Lash Sensational: I wrote a review on it recently (link!), and I really think I’ve found a new favourite, with the bonus of a low price. Volumizing but mostly lengthening and defining, it has all the things I look for in a mascara without the usual problems I had with Maybelline mascaras in the past, like the residue under my eyes after a few hours.

The thing that made some people mark them as dupes is the similar shape of the brush: they’re both curved with shorter bristles one one side. But to me, they’re not dupes in the slightest. They’re two mascaras with curved brushes, but that’s it.

What are my thoughts about the Benefit one then? Well, it’s lovely. Defines and curls the lashes as promised, but it has one problem: I find it nearly impossible to build up and, shock horror, it makes my lashes drop if I try to. The brush is slightly harder and therefore slightly less pleasant to use (I like my mascara to glide on my lashes without feeling it “scratching” on them - think Chanel Le Volume and Lancôme Grandiôse, and the Maybelline one!), but it wouldn’t be a problem if the result was amazing. The purpose of curling the lashes comes with a slightly drier formula too, that makes the lashes harder: for me, it’s a big no no.

I’m going to stick to my Maybelline one and keep using Roller Lash until I run out, but I have no doubt: the one that’s coming home with me again is Lash Sensational!

Have you tried these two new mascaras? What are your thoughts on them?

Quando un paio di recensioni del nuovo mascara Benefit, Roller Lash, hanno menzionato il mascara che stavo usando da un po’, il Lash Sensational di Maybelline, come possibile dupe, ho drizzato le antenne. Avevo comprato il mascara Maybelline senza pensarci troppo e quello Benefit non si era visto da nessuna parte prima del lancio ufficiale, era quindi una piacevolissima sorpresa. Ma la domanda, adesso che li ho provati entrambi, è questa: sono veramente uguali? Ecco il mio verdetto!

Sapete che amo il Maybelline Lash Sensational: ne ho parlato in una recente recensione (link!), e penso davvero di aver trovato un nuovo preferito, con il bonus del prezzo basso. Volumizzante ma soprattutto allungante e definente, ha tutte le cose che cerco in un mascara senza i soliti problemi che ho avuto con i mascara Maybelline in passato, come i residui neri sotto gli occhi dopo qualche ora.

La cosa che ha fatto pensare a un potenziale dupe è la forma simile dello scovolino: sono entrambi curvi con le setole più corte da un lato. Ma secondo me, non sono dupe per niente. Sono due mascara con lo scovolino curvo, ma le similitudini finiscono qui.

Quindi che cosa ne penso del mascara Benefit? Beh, è carino. Definisce e curva le ciglia come promesso, ma ha un problema: lo trovo praticamente impossibile da costruire e, soprattutto, se ci provo le mie ciglia si appesantiscono. Lo scovolino è leggermente più duro e quindi meno piacevole da usare (mi piace che il mascara scivoli sulle ciglia durante l’applicazione - pensate a Lancôme Grandiôse, Chanel Le Volume e a quello Maybelline!), ma non sarebbe un problema se il risultato fosse eccezionale. Il fatto che sia pensato come mascara incurvante fa sì che la formula sia leggermente più asciutta, e ciò rende le ciglia più dure: non fa proprio per me.

Continuerò ad usare il mascara Maybelline e userò quello Benefit ogni tanto fino a finirlo, ma non ho dubbi: quello che continuerà a venire a casa con me è il Lash Sensational!

Avete provato questi due nuovi mascara? Cosa ne pensate?