Sunday 12 April 2015

Tell me: how do you spring-clean your beauty stash?

I've been thinking about having a spring-clean of my beauty stash for a while now. I used to go through everything in my drawers once a month to see if there was something I didn't like or that was expired, and to have a look around to switch my daily products, but I haven't done it for quite a few months.

I have gone through my skincare and haircare not too long ago (prove in this IG picture - link!), but my skincare is something I tend to keep track of a lot (I don't start using a new product unless I finish what I'm using or I need to because my needs change) and my haircare stash is so minimal I only have a few things to get rid of that just don't work for my hair.

What I really need to get through is my makeup and nail polish stash. I've gotten a lot better at deciding what to buy: I think about it, I wait for it, and then I think about it once more. Now and then I buy a few unnecessary things, but without doing too much damage. I used to buy a lot of nail polishes, and that has stopped ages ago now: I love to try a new formula or buy a colour I fall in love with it, but only do it once in a while.

I am sure there are a lot of things I'm not using, though. Something I forgot that I only need to start using again, something that I used to love that doesn't work for me anymore (and is probably expired), or something that never worked for me even if I tried hard to love it.
I'm going to go through my stash in the next week and update you about the things I decide to get rid of and why next Sunday, but in the meantime, tell me:

What are your rules when spring-cleaning your beauty stash?
Do you have any advice to share?

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Don't forget to have a look at Allison's video: I loved her tips and she definitely inspired me to spring-clean my stash!


  1. I just try to get rid of old stuff. I used to keep a spreadsheet of my collection with the dates I purchased/opened things but ain't got time for that these days. I try to ball park (guess) how long I've had something and if its too long, time to say goodbye...unless is just a "collectors item". :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I usually empty everything and see what's out of date (usually, I smell things or just try to remember when I bought them. For liquids if it's more than I a year, I get rid of them). I also give some makeup to my mother or grandma when the colour isn't the right match for me as they are slightly darker than me. Usually, I only buy things that I really like / need. I try to not buy "for no reason" and tend to empty things before buying some new ones, so I don't have a crazy stash or too much unused products :)

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock - MAKEUP REVOLUTION GIVEAWAY

  3. I don't do seasonal cleaning. Sometimes I just feel this sudden urge to clean out my stash and reorganize things and that's when I throw out or give away whatever I don't use anymore :-)

  4. i love cleaning out my makeup stash. i had this moment of change from the mentality that i think a lot of people have when they first get into beauty blogs which is "i want to try everything and i want every colour" and this urge to build up a "collection" or whatever. but then one day it changed and i realised i had so much stuff i'd bought on an impulse or because it was on sale or because someone recommended it and a lot of it doesn't suit me or i just didn't love using it. so i cleared everything out and i'm always looking through all my beauty products with my eye out for things i don't really love so that i can pass them on to friends. there's no sense is having a huge amount of stuff and not using half of it when someone else might love it. and it also just feels so cluttered and makes it harder to appreciate the things that you really like using. now i'd much rather have a reasonable sized makeup stash full of things i love than a huge one just for the sake of it. :)

    jessica -

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