Sunday 28 February 2016

The Beauty Resolution that went well... Kind of.

In this post I shared with you my "Beauty Rules", talking you through the steps I was trying to keep in mind during my beauty routine and shopping. One of them was to wear eyeshadow everyday, as I was feeling that all my lovely palettes were undeservedly collecting dust. How did that one go?

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Well, generically speaking. Badly, talking about making good use of my palettes.

Ever since I reorganized my makeup to fit in my beloved wooden box that makes it feel like a treasure (have a look on my Instagram feed here and here), I have everything on display every time I open it. And that's great!
One of the things I was struggling more to get good use out of was my little collection of eyeshadow singles: I knew there were some absolute gems in there, but the way they were stored before made me forget about them every time.

And so it was happening that I was owning one of the most loved eyeshadows out there, Burberry Pale Barley, and not really using it. But that has changed, and that's the eyeshadow I've been wearing 9 times out of 10 this month.
A quick look through Google Images will bring you the most amazing swatches, and I have no doubt that you're all going to fall in love and run to the closest store if you don't own it already. It's a light golden-y brown with almost a cool tone to it, and looks incredibly chic and sophisticated on the eyes. I've been wearing it on its own using a Mac 286 brush to swipe it on the lid and blend it on the crease, and with lashings of Lancôme Volume-à-porter Mascara my eyes have been done in no time. Occasionally I've been wearing a mat brown shade on the crease to add some depth, but to be honest I don't miss that step when I don't: this eyeshadow is so perfect on its own that it doesn't really need any help, unless you're using it in a more structured look.

Every morning I open my wooden box to get ready and I have to force myself to not pick this one up to wear it, and honestly, I've been embracing this and wearing it without worrying too much. When it's true love that's not so much you can do...

Do you love this eyeshadow as much as I do? What's the thing you love so much you're unable to put it down and use something else? Tell me in the comments!


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