Thursday 16 October 2014

New in from Dior | Diorskin Star Foundation & Concealer, Rouge Dior Baume #660 Coquette

Last week I shared with you my experience with the new foundation launches in this post, and I sneakily mentioned my last purchase, the Diorskin Star Foundation, alongside the concealer from the same line and the specially designed sponge. I also picked up one of the new Rouge Dior Baumes, in the shade 660 Coquette. Let’s have a closer look!

Diorskin Star Backstage Rouge Dior Baume Coquette

Diorskin Star Foundation
As I already mentioned, this foundation is perfect.
I like to apply it with fingers as usual, as with a small pump it covers the skin quickly and evenly, but works well with the designed sponge and my Sephora #56 Brush too.
It covers like medium-full foundation whilst managing to look natural, and controls oil keeping a gorgeous glow.
What is outstanding is the lasting power: it literally lasts all day, from early morning to late at night and it looks amazing from application to removal. I’ve only met a few other products like this, but none of them had that gorgeous natural glow to it. My Benefit Big Easy has been outstanding this summer, but that luminosity surely wasn’t there.
The shade range is not the most estensive but it has some good options, and the shade 020 is perfect for my light but golden skintone and is a really flattering shade.
I have been choosing this one over all the others I own almost on a daily basis, it’s love!

Diorskin Star Concealer
I picked this up because I heard some good things about it, but without too many expectations as I’d been hooked on my Make Up Forever Full Coverage one. Well, I should have had more faith in Dior!
It covers beautifully but is so smooth and moisturizing that is really perfect for the under eye area. It works well on other areas of the face too though, making it a good all rounder.
The biggest problem I have with under eye concealer is the creasing, and I’m happy to repost this does last well! Another winner.

Dior Backstage Blender
This beautiful black sponge looked so intriguing that I couldn’t leave it there, and for less than €15 it wasn’t too expensive either.
Applies this foundation beautifully, but for me is not a must have: I find I have to use two pumps instead of one and it’s a little bit more time consuming, but this foundation is so gorgeous that even a little bit more product looks beautiful!
It’s good for perfecting the coverage in some areas and I love it to blend in the concealer a little bit better on the redness on my cheek, so it’s good to have when I need a more perfected look.
If you love to apply foundation with sponges like this I would really recommend it!

Diorskin Star Foundation Concealer Dior Rouge Baume Coquette Swatches

Rouge Dior Baume in 660, Coquette
This is exactly the kind of lip product that I love. Sheer, hydrating, soft… But with a good color pay off.
It’s a gorgeous deep reddish rose, with no shimmer in sight and it’s really comforting like a balm. I’ve been wearing it almost daily, and I love reapplying it when I start to feel the moisturizing feel a bit less.
It’s a perfect lip product with amazing texture, a gorgeous color and the beautiful Dior packaging. The gorgeous logo on the top wear off after a couple of wears unfortunately, but it’s always the case!
I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, as I love it more than my Rouge Dior Addicts and other sheer lipsticks in my collection!

Dior hasn’t failed to impress me with its latest launches, they always make some amazing products!

Have you tried any of these? Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Looks like another great collection from Dior, love that they have released a sponge also with the foundation! I have heard so many raving reviews about it so now I am intrigued to go out and get myself a sample x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  2. The products are so good looking ! For some reason I really want to give the sponge a go.

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. all this products sound amazing especially the foundation. and i can see a pretty lippy colour popping through in one of those picture. great post

  4. I couldn't help myself and picked up the foundation this past weekend! I was in a hurry so I couldn't test anything else out - but after you and Sunny gave it such rave reviews, I had to go for it! :-) I'm in 23 - so still fair but a bit more peach. :-) I've actually not worn it yet (besides been colour matched in store). So excited!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. Honestly I can't wait for the dior star foundation to hit indian market. I am so happy Gyudy that this works perfectly for u

  6. Absolutely love this lipstick color.

  7. I have heard many good things about the Diorskin Star foundation and it's now on the top of my wishlist :)

    I'm giving away two new EOS Lip Balms on my blog. Feel free to enter :)

  8. I haven't allowed myself to buy any of the new Baumes, but maaaan, seeing this hurts! :-) Coquette is so pretty.

  9. Hey Gyudy, I'm so glad you like everything! The Star trio has definitely been my go-to. I need to look into the Rouge Dior Baume line again, because the shade I got is too sheer for my taste. Coquette looks promising though!

  10. Will definitely have a look at the foundation and especially the concealer. I struggle to find one that has good coverage and is moisturising at the same time. So this one sounds really appealing. :) x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  11. The foundation sounds amazing! I will definitely check it out when I'm ready to splurge on one :) The shade of the lipstick is gorgeous too! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  12. I really want to try the concealer - it sounds really lovely xx

    Gemma |

  13. Wauw, all of these products seem really nice!!

  14. wow what a drooling Post sweetie
    I mean I want that foundation ,sponge and Baume ..
    I wasnt planning on buying dior Baume and now after seeing this post I WANT one badly...hehehe

  15. Oooh everything looks really lovely - the lip colour is gorgeous….such a beautiful colour!! :)

    Layla xx

  16. I haven't tried Dior Star foundation yet but everyone seems to love it which makes me want to try it. I bought the Sephora 56 brush a few days ago and it is SO good! Love it to apply my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. The lipstick colour is gorgeous for Autumn as well.

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  17. I need to get myself matched to a Dior Star foundation because I've been wanting to try it for a while. Do you know what you usually are in MAC foundations? I'm NC25 and am wondering if 20 would be too light, but from some reviews I've read, it seems 30 would be too dark. Hopefully I can go get myself a sample soon!

  18. i've been eying this one...and have a few testers of the foundation from sephora. i love my MUFE full cover too so if this concealer has converted you.....its piqued my interest for sure...


    A Beautiful Zen

  19. you're a little darker than i am and i'm finding 20 to be good for me. i'd say it would be too dark for you, jenn. there are numbers between 20 and 30

  20. The foundation is so amazing, but I have to admit I'm not using the sponge too much! It still great if you're used to sponges though ;) xx

  21. If you usually like using sponges or you might do, is great. I am so used to using my fingers that I'm not using it much, but it's still lovely! :) xx

  22. Thank you! They are all amazing, and the foundation and concealer are really some of the best I've ever used! :) xx

  23. Replying so late makes me able to know your thoughts, lol! I'm still so much into it... I'm wearing it almost daily and it's really perfect! ;) xx

  24. Thank you so much Fiona! I hope you're able to try it soon as it's really great ;) xx

  25. Thank you Nina! Is so beautiful and moisturizing :) xx

  26. Have you got round to trying it? I adore it, it's amazing! :) xx

  27. It's beautiful! I think one wouldn't hurt ;) xx

  28. Have you tried any other of them in the end? I love Coquette so much, no shimmer and good color pay off with a moisturizing formula, definitely my kind of thing! ;) xx

  29. I know, I just realized I'm using a new thing everyday at the moment and had a bit of a panic attack thinking of the many things I still want to try, lol!

  30. Oooh the rouge balm is pretty! Im seeing stuff about the Star foundation al over the place now! It reminds me of my Chanel Vitalumiere from the description. I have so many foundations to get thru sigh. Excuse me while I go try to reduce my stash!