Thursday 9 October 2014

Testing Samples - New Foundations

I always get really excited when a new foundation lands on the market, so when I heard about the huge amount of them launching around september time I panicked a bit. I couldn’t buy them all! And so my mission to find a sample of each and everyone started. I’m only missing the latest Clarins one that it’s nowhere to be seen here, but I’m hear to tell you there’s a lot of good ones out.

New Foundation Samples

Diorskin Star - Dior, The Perfect One
When I read Sunny’s review (here’s the link!) I immediately thought: if it’s anything like she said, I need to try it. And well, she’s right and more. Amazing lightweight texture that pretty much blends itself, it has awesome coverage while still looking natural and manages to be awesomely glowing while controlling oil and lasting all day. Shade 020 is perfect for me! I might have bought it alongside the concealer and the BeautyBlender-like sponge. Just saying.

Vitalumière Loose Powder - Chanel, The Daily One
If this wasn’t so crazily expensive I’d already made it my everyday foundation of choice. It gives an awesome glow to the skin but again, lasts all day whilst controlling oil (again, Sunny’s review says it brilliantly! Here it is). The shade B30 is perfect for my skin tone (one shade up than my usual B20 shade match) and I’m so, so tempted. It’s gorgeous.

Fusion Ink - YSL, The Winter Skin Match
First things first, the shade BD40 matches my neck perfectly, so it’s the perfect winter shade for me. This formula is insanely lightweight (even if it’s a tiny bit thicker than L’Oréal Nude Magique), and applies perfectly with fingers. Looks almost invisible on the skin but still manages to give great coverage. The lasting power is great, so it’s an overall winner!

bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation - bareMinerals, The Unexpected Love
Shock horror, I’ve been wearing this one without powder as it looks insanely glowy but sets like nothing else. It’s like a smoothing veil on the skin, that still has a good medium coverage and, even though is meant to be used with the specially designed brush I found it works amazingly with fingers too. I tried shade 07 bare natural (a neutral one) that worked well at the beginning of september but it’s already too dark for me now, and unfortunately in Italy they jump from shade 6 to 3 (golden but really light), so I’d have to order a middle shade online eventually.

Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup - Estée Lauder, The One That Looks Like Skin
It wouldn’t be difficult to fool someone that it’s your skin with nothing on while wearing this. It’s seriously impressive! It glows in a really subtle way, and the finish is truly beautiful. I find it works best with fingers rather than with a brush, but I haven’t tried the specially designed one that looks rather interesting (Melissa has a review here!). The problem for me is again the limited shade range that’s available here: the shade 3N1 is good for my summer/early autumn skin only, and the shade down here is pretty light and a tiny bit pink for me.

Have you tried any of these new foundation launches? Anything you want to try?

See my first "Testing Samples" post here, it's about primers!

Sono sempre molto interessata quando esce un nuovo fondotinta, e così quando ho sentito dell’enorme quantità in uscita intorno a settembre ho avuto un piccolo attacco di panico. Non posso comprarli tutti! È cominciata così la mia missione: procurarmi un campioncino di ognuno di essi. Manca solo l’ultimo Clarins che però qui non ho ancora visto da nessuna parte, ma sono qui per dirvi che ci sono davvero un sacco di fondotinta ottimi da cui scegliere.

Diorskin Star - Dior, Il Fondotinta Perfetto
Quando ho letto la review di Sunny (ecco il link!) ho immediatamente pensato: se è anche solo lontanamente come lo descrive lei, devo provarlo. Ebbene, aveva ragione e anche di più. Una texture meravigliosa e leggera che si sfuma praticamente da sola, ha una coprenza pazzesca pur rimanendo naturale e riesce ad essere luminosissimo pur controllando la lucidità e durando tutto il giorno. La tonalità 020 è perfetta per me!

Vitalumière Fondotinta in Polvere Libera - Chanel, Il Fondotinta di tutti i giorni
Se non fosse così incredibilmente caro l’avrei già reso il mio nuovo fondotinta quotidiano. Dona alla pelle una luminosità incredibile ma di nuovo, dura tutto il giorno pur controllando la lucidità (di nuovo, la review di Sunny lo dice meravigliosamente! Eccola qui) La tonalità B30 è perfetta per me (più scura del mio solito B20) e sono davvero tentata. È meraviglioso.

Fusion Ink - YSL, La tonalità perfetta per l’inverno
Per prima cosa, la tonalità BD40 è esattamente il colore del mio collo, quindi è il colore perfetto per la stagione invernale. La formula è incredibilmente leggera (anche se è leggermente più corposo del Nude Magique L’Orèal), e si applica perfettamente con le dita. È praticamente invisibile sulla pelle ma riesce comunque a dare una buona coprenza. La durata è anche incredibile, quindi è perfetto da tutti i punti di vista!

Fondotinta Siero Illuminante bareSkin - bareMinerals, L’amore inaspettato
È incredibile, ma ho portato questo fondotinta senza cipria visto che è incredibilmente luminoso ma si fissa da solo come nient’altro. È come un velo levigante sulla pelle, che dona una buona media coprenza e, anche se è fatto per essere usato con il pennello appositamente disegnato trovo che vada benissimo applicato anche con le dita. Ho provato la tonalità 07 (neutra) che andava benissimo all’inizio di settembre ma è già troppo scura, e sfortunatamente in Italia saltano dalla tonalità 6 alla 3 (dorata ma molto chiara), quindi dovrei eventualmente ordinare online una tonalità intermedia.

Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup - Estée Lauder, Quello che sembra pelle nuda
Non sarebbe difficile ingannare chiunque facendogli credere che sia la vostra pelle senza nulla sopra, indossando questo fondotinta. È incredibile! Dona luminosità in maniera discreta, e il finish è davvero bellissimo. Trovo che si applichi meglio con le dita che con il pennello, anche se non ho provato quello appositamente disegnato che sembra molto interessante (Melissa ha un recensione qui!). Il problema per me è di nuovo la scelta limitata di tonalità: 3N1 è perfetta per la mia pelle in estate-inizio autunno, e la tonalità più chiara disponibile qui lo è un po’ troppo ed è leggermente rosa.

Avete provato qualcuno di questi fondotinta? Volete provarne qualcuno?

Potete leggere il mio primo post in cui provo dei campioncini, lo trovate qui! Vi ho parlato di primer.



  1. I love testing out new foundations! Thanks for sharing :)

    Emily //

  2. I'd loveeee to try the new Dior Star Foundation, it sounds lovely xx

    Gemma |

  3. Im interested in YSL fushion link
    sounds like a perfect one
    waiting to launch here :)

  4. I've currently been trying to pick up some high end foundation samples to test out, as there are so many out there and I would love to come across that holy grail for me personally. YSL Ink is one of the ones I want to try also x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  5. You've really inspired me to try my free samples. I have a draw full of them but I never reach for them!
    Great post :-) xx

  6. You've also inspired me to get some samples, especially of the Dior Star Foundation. Really want to try it. :) x

    Speaking Beauty UK

  7. The Dior Skin is on my wish list because of Sunny as well. I tried a sample of the YSL Fusion Ink and it was pretty awesome. Very light weight as you say and about medium coverage for me. I've not felt anything quite like it though the Perricone No Foundation Serum is close in terms of feel on the skin.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. Haha thanks for the shout-out, Gyudy! I'm so glad to hear you love Diorskin Star! It has definitely become my holy grail. Every time I put it on, I feel so safe because I know my skin will look awesome for hours!

  9. Hey Gyudy! I want to try everything you mentioned starting with Dior Star of course. You know none of the foundations have hit Indian markets yet!

  10. I really want to try fusion ink and the perfectionist youth. They sound rather nice! And you just reminded me I have a sample of the diorskin star! It will be the complete wrong colour haha but oh well! Great post! xx

  11. I love the fusion Ink ! I've also asked for a sample and I fell in love. I'm wondering whether I can justify buying it or not. So pricy =(

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  12. This makes me want to try the Diorskin Star as well! Hope I could get the sample too before buying the full size version.


  13. I really want to try Diorskin Star and Fusion Ink, and even more so now! To be fair I'm genuinely running low on my foundation stocks and none of them match me soo.... a purchase will just have to be made eventually ;) x

  14. Hello Gyudy,
    I have tried the YSL Fusion Ink and I really liked the coverage, I just wish they would eliminate that pesky fragrance. I tried the Dior Forever Foundation and the covergae was amazing, but oddly enough, it made me break-out (and I never break-out…I think it was the fragrance). I love Estee Lauder Double Wear, this guy was my go-to for many years. Currently, I am using Lancome Teint Idole Foundation and the color, coverage and consistency are wonderful; however, I get slight oil break through on the T-Zone area by the end of the evening (and I have very dry skin). I'm dying to try Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Loose Powder Foundation, but here in the States, it is not currently available. Ok, now that I have given you my foundation round-up, I'm going to have a lovely cup of Cappucino and obsessively search the new Gucci products :)

  15. Love your plan, and thank you for such a detailed overview, as a foundation obsessed I love reading thoughts on foundations more than anything else! I know, the fragrance is quite a problem, if I wear a Chanel liquid foundation for more than a few days in a row I have to take a break to avoid to irritate my skin... And my skin isn't overly sensitive! I think the Dior Star hasn't got too much of a fragrance problem, and I've been wearing it everyday... I think it could be right for you, try to grab a sample! Thank you so much for reading ;) xx

  16. Well, you have the right to do it then! ;) They're both amazing, I fell in love with the Dior one but the YSL is so so lovely too! ;) xx

  17. Definitely try to get one as it's the best way to see if it's right for you, especially shade wise! It's really a beautiful foundation, hope you like it as much as I do! ;) xx

  18. I know, the price is always a bit hard to justify at first, but a beautiful foundation can make such a difference... If you've tried a sample and loved it at least you know you're going to like it! ;) xx

  19. Thank you, glad you liked it! They're all great foundations and it's really worth trying them out to pick a favourite... Foundations are getting better every year and I couldn't be happier! :) xx

  20. It's so strange how they distribute products! They seem to choose pretty random timings sometimes ;) I'm still waiting for the Clarins one and I've read some good reviews that made me curious! Hope you can try the Dior one soon, it's just too beautiful ;) xx

  21. It's exactly how I feel too! I had to mention you, as it's been amazing how the first time I tried it I thought exactly the things you said in your review! :) xx

  22. I haven't tried that but I remember reading about it from you! It's a lovely new concept texture wise... Almost like a silky veil on the skin! The Dior one is fabulous, I can't get enough of it ;) xx

  23. It's so, so great, and the others too! Hope you like them, can't wait to hear your thoughts too! :) xx

  24. So glad I inspired you! I found trying out samples with a purpose (product/brand) made it so much easier... They were all starting to sit in drawers too! ;) xx

  25. It's so beautiful! It comes second to the wonderful Dior one ;) Trying samples of high end foundations is always the best thing to do, as a mistake is so heartbreaking! ;) xx

  26. It's lovely! Hope you like it as much as I do, and hope it launches soon! ;) xx

  27. It's perfect, I can't get enough of it ;) xx

  28. Thank you for reading! I know, it's one of the makeup products that get me more excited! ;) xx

  29. I agree...the Diorskin Star Foundation is definitely "The Perfect One." Lovely review!

  30. Thank you! It's so, so good, isn't it? :) xx