Sunday 3 January 2016

Discovering H&M Beauty

H&M is probably my favourite clothes shop. I’m all for basics, and on a daily basis you could probably catch me with a complete H&M outfit. So when I noticed the new shiny makeup area I couldn’t just walk past, and after swatching everything I could fit on my arm I selected a few things to try. Here’s my first look into the new H&M Beauty Department, and just like its clothes… I’m in love!

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Cover-up Concealer in Amber
Out of all the base products, this one caught my eye the most. And I have to say it’s pretty great! It covers without looking cakey and I love the shades selection, as it goes from the really pale shades up to the darker ones. I’d say if you’ve got a really light skin tone and usually struggle to find a shade for you H&M should have you covered!

Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Cameo Brown
I have a love-hate relationship with cream blushes, and they’re often an item that tends to get neglected in my collection. I’m really loving this one though, and I’ve been reaching for it on an almost daily basis, as it blends incredibly easily and doesn’t need multiple layers to show up. The shade is a nice dusty pink perfect for everyday wear, and the finish is really true to its name, pure velvet!

Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle
Strangely enough, another thing I used to neglect in the past were cream eyeshadows. It probably goes hand in hand with the fact that lately I’ve been able to use them without primer as my skin has got a lot drier than it was a couple of years ago, and so I’ve been using them as a daily quick eye look. This is a gorgeous brown that’s just got a hint of shimmer to avoid it looking flat, and lasts all day without creasing.

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Sheer Lip Colour in Dusty Rose
This is a great everyday lipstick, that gives to the lips a hint of colour, moisture and quite a lot of shine. It’s got a lot of tiny shiny particles in it, which is something I would usually avoid, but they’re so small that you can’t feel them on the lips. The formula is great as it’s pretty long lasting for a sheer lipstick and really hydrating, and I think I spotted a few other interesting shades in this formula too.

Pure Lustre Gloss in Urban Orchid
Let me start by saying that I’m not a lipgloss girl, and this one hasn’t managed to really convert me. But the shade was just too gorgeous to leave it on the shelf! I just have to remember to avoid this on windy days and it’s a pretty sticky formula, but it’s amazingly pigmented and doesn’t disappear in just a few minutes too.

Lip Colour To Go in Saudade
I love glossy chubby lip pencils, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s a gorgeous and effortless way to wear a darker lip, and the formula is amazing. Easy to apply, lasts pretty well and is gorgeously hydrating and glossy. This might be my favourite item of them all, and I’ve been wearing it a lot, as it pairs really well with a natural eye for a slightly more sophisticated everyday look.

I think H&M did really well with this new Beauty Department, as it’s a really big selection of great makeup at affordable prices. I can’t wait to try a few more things!

Have you tried the new H&M Beauty line? Something else I need or something I better avoid? Tell me in the comments!


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