Sunday 17 January 2016

Striving For Balance

I always feel like I’m striving for balance. I like to joke and say that’s because I’m a Libra, but seriously, it’s what I always look for and still I see as a distant destination. I think that everyone would like to have balance in all aspects of his life, but still, I think that it can have a different meaning for everyone. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of posts about 2016 goals and all that jazz, and I didn’t want to write another one of those posts without finding a true purpose for it, and then I found it.


My one goal for 2016 is finding balance.

I don’t ask for everything to be perfect, I only want to find a place I’m happy at in what I feel I need to adjust at the moment. In the constant search for balance I always make the mistake of going all black or all white in everything, but that’s not how I work, be it for getting something done or stick to something long term. I need the black and the white to be the same amount.

Let’s talk about fitness and healthy eating, to start with. We all know a restricting diet without a good variety is not a great idea, as it opens the doors for a sudden fall where you go to have one biscuit and eat the whole box. I perfectly know this, but then tend to do the same mistake all over again. I begin happily eating an healthy diet thinking I’m going to be perfectly fine without a single slice of bread and not even half a plate of pasta once in a while, and then fall hard on the carb craving bandwagon again.
What to do then? Well, lately I’ve decided to follow a few guidelines to ensure my diet is healthy and balanced but without restricting myself too much. And I’m enjoying it. I look forward to cooking lunch and dinner and I haven’t felt the need to avoid the bakery area of the shops because it would hurt too much to see all that good stuff thinking “I’m never going to be able to eat that again”.
The hard part? Sticking to this. Not going overboard with it. Keeping balance in it.

And fitness wise? My problem is sticking to something. I love being active but I easily get excited about something, try it for a while, and then jump into something else too soon to see real changes. I have to find what works best for me, and maybe accept that I need variety to keep things interesting. I want to be able to say, at the end of this year, that I’ve finally found a way to stay fit, get stronger and better while having fun.

Another thing I want to find balance in is my love for beauty products. We all love the next new shiny thing and get excited for the new cult product, but I have to be realistic. I can’t physically fit all the things I like on my face, so I can’t get them all. At the same time though, I can’t tell myself “You’re not going to buy a single piece of makeup until you need it”, because who am I trying to fool? It would only make my life sad and then make me buy unnecessary things on a bad day. I want to come to a place where I do enjoy what I have and get a few new things worth having, but without having to think too much about it. I’m going to try to set a few rules to follow, to feed my beauty love whilst keeping the house free of too much stuff. Let’s see how that works!

2015 has been a year of huge changes for me, and 2016 is not looking less exciting. But to enjoy everything like it deserves I need to be satisfied and happy with myself. And what I feel I need, is balance. Those above are only examples of areas I want to improve - work and saving money whilst traveling and having fun are in too -, but the theme is the same everywhere, balance.

What are your goals for 2016 or the next few months in general? What’s going to be the word of the year for you? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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