Tuesday 22 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Gel 12 Days Nail Polish

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche range of nail polishes is one of my favourites, if not my absolute favourite. The brush is of the handy large type, the formula is beautiful, the color range wide and often updated, the 5 ml bottle is one I can hope to finish and they last a really long time on the nails. When I spotted an even longer lasting formula on the shelf knew I had to try it!

Infallible Gel Nail Polish L'Oreal Paris

This Infallible Gel nail polish is a rather interesting product: you have the nail colour on one end and a slightly coloured top coat on the other. Obviously the nail polish is meant to be the first step, followed by the top coat.
The formula is the one I love so much, if not better: easy to distribute on the nail, fast drying and opaque in two thin coats. The top coat is also excellent: makes the nail polish super glossy and makes it dry really fast, even if it doesn’t claim to be a fast drying top coat.

But the interesting thing about this nail polish is that is meant to last up to 12 days, as long as you reapply your top coat every day. I have to be honest, when I paint my nails I do not want to think about it until I change my nail polish. I may reapply the top coat if things are looking particularly dull and I have somewhere important to go, but that’s it.
Well, even without the top coat reapplication it has lasted more than a week on my nails every time I’ve worn it, showing minimal chipping in the last couple of days. Every time I decided to take it off I did it because I wanted to change my nail color and because I really can’t stand when there is too much nail growth showing. It’s like hair roots that need retouching, is something I can’t stand!

Forever Burgundy infallible Gel L'Oreal
This shade, Forever Burgundy, is an amazing deep red that is an absolute classic. In artificial light is almost a "rouge noir" type of shade. It’s a timeless shade that never fails to look chic and it’s perfect to be worn for a longer period of time, and would even look amazing on toenails!
There are 15 shades in the range, from nudes to blues, so everyone should be able to find something to try.

L’Oreal has managed to make its already amazing nail polish formula even better: it lasts even longer and is the glossiest ever. Seriously, even the shiniest top coat can’t compare!

Have you tried L’Oreal nail polishes? Do you like them? Tell me in the comments!

Gli smalti Color Riche L’Oreal Paris sono tra i miei preferiti, se non i miei preferiti in assoluto. Il pennello è di quelli larghi, la formula è fantastica, il range di colori ampio e spesso aggiornato, le bottigliette da 5 ml posso quasi sperare di finirle e durano molto a lungo sulle unghie. Quando una formula ancora più a lunga durata è comparsa sugli scaffali sapevo di doverla provare!

Forever Burgundy 016 L'Oreal Infallible Nail

Gli smalti Infallible Gel sono un prodotto interessante: da una parte si trova lo smalto, dall’altro un top coat leggermente colorato. Ovviamente si applica prima lo smalto, seguito dal top coat.
La formula è quella che io amo tanto, se non migliore: facile da stendere, ad asciugatura veloce e coprente in due strati sottili. Il top coat è altrettanto buono: rende lo smalto lucidissimo e lo fa asciugare in frettissima, anche se non è dichiarato da nessuna parte come un top coat ad asciugatura rapida.

La cosa interessante a proposito di questi smalti è che sono pensati per durare fino a 12 giorni, riapplicando il top coat ogni giorno. Ad essere onesta, quando metto lo smalto non ci voglio più pensare finché non è ora di cambiarlo. Mi può capitare di riapplicare il top coat se l’aspetto è particolarmente spento e devo andare da qualche parte, ma nulla di più.
Bene, anche senza l’applicazione quotidiana del top coat è durato più di una settimana ogni volta che l’ho indossato, mostrando solo piccole sbeccature negli ultimissimi giorni. Ogni volta che ho deciso di toglierlo è stato per mettere qualche altro smalto e perché non sopporto quando si vede troppo la ricrescita dell’unghia. Un po’ come la ricrescita dei capelli, e una cosa che proprio non sopporto!

Questo colore, Forever Burgundy, è un bellissimo rosso scuro, un colore assolutamente classico. Alla luce artificiale è quasi una tonalità alla "rouge noir". È un colore senza tempo che non manca mai di apparire chic ed è perfetto per essere indossato per periodi più lunghi, e sarebbe perfetto anche per essere indossato sui piedi.
Ci sono 15 colori in questa linea, dai nude ai blu, quindi tutti dovrebbero poter trovare un colore da provare.

L’Oreal è riuscita a rendere ancora migliore il suo range di smalti già meravigliosi: durano ancora di più e sono lucidissimi. Davvero, neanche il top coat più lucido regge il paragone!

Avete provato gli smalti L’Oreal? Vi piacciono? Ditemelo nei commenti!


  1. That is a gorgeous color! I personally don't really like my nails/hands very much nor do I really find painting my nails super fun but I really want to put more effort in to that in the future! Haha I don't know why I just can't be bothered, but then I see other people's nails looking so gorgeous and then I think, right, I need to do this! xx


  2. You know what? I don't particularly like my nails and hands too, but wearing nail polish makes me like them more. I feel like my nails are a bit too different in shape to each other, and after a bit of practice nail polish makes them look more even. I go through phases and sometimes I don't wear nail polish for a couple of weeks, but I always wear it otherwise! Go for it, you'll love it when you start doing it regurarly :) xx

  3. You picked a lovely colour! Sounds like you're really happy with this, I love gel polishes beacuse they're so shiny! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. Oh wow it sounds amazing! I will definitely pick some up xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  5. You're right, this is so shiny! Haha, it's so clear that I'm really happy? When I find something brilliant I get excited about it! ;) xx

  6. I hope the other colours are as good as this one! ;) xx

  7. Ohh these look very interesting! Loving the colour aswell, will have a look at these in the drugstore since I haven't seen them yet! I don't usually pay ltos of attention to nail polishes though :D Great review! x

  8. Thank you! I think they should be out now, they've come out in Italy a little earlier for once! Looking at my glossy nails I say it again, this nail polish is awesome ;)

  9. I haven't seen these yet - they look so interesting. The tinted topcoat is an interesting concept. We don't have Loreal (makeup) in our local drugstore but I am traveling next week so will keep a lookout. :-)

  10. I think the Tinted Top Coat should really make it last 12 days in perfect conditions, adding a little bit of colour every day... It's a really cool idea! ;) xx

  11. Hey Gyudy, Ahh!! These are pretty interesting, and I would love to try them whenever they launch here. xx


  12. They are really a good idea, and pretty handy for traveling too! Hope you like them! :) xx

  13. These ones are a really cool idea, but if you want to go even safer for a first try pick one from the Color Riche line, I haven't found one I didn't love! :) xx

  14. Ah right well I will do that I think, thank you x