Thursday 11 September 2014

Lancôme Grandiôse

If you’re a regular reader of beauty blogs you’ve already seen this new gorgeous mascara from Lancôme, Grandiôse. And I bet you’ve been curious about it, and tempted by the rave reviews. Well, I’m here to tell you: it’s amazing!

Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara

Being a huge lover of L’Oréal mascaras I rarely buy more expensive ones. I happily use samples of them - I adore Chanel Le Volume, Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant, Guerlain Cils d’Enfer -, but when I need to buy one L’Oreal doesn’t disappoint. This one though came out at the perfect time: I had just finished my L’Oréal False Lash Flutter Waterproof, my Guerlain sample couldn’t last forever and I had 15% off at Sephora. I would have been rude not to!

This mascara has an innovative “swan neck” wand, that is meant to make application easier on both eyes. From what I can see on the directions included it should specifically help applying it to both eyes with the same hand. Well, after years of training I change my hand between eyes, so this could be not so useful for me. But the secret of making the most from this beautiful mascara is turning the wand following the eye shape. Let me try to explain:
1) I start with the upper lashes holding the handle from the bottom, a bit like I would normally do
2) then, coming to the outer corner, I flip it up to lift the outer lashes
3) for the lower lashes, I start holding the tip of the wand towards my nose
4) and coming to the outer corner I flip it with the tip towards the outer corner of my eye
I then change eye and hand and the process is just specular. I hope it’s clear enough!

Speaking of the effect this mascara gives, it’s crazy volume and blackness at first swipe. It’s not the most defining one I’ve tried, but it doesn’t make the lashes clump either. The volume is great, it elongates too and the curl it creates on my ok-lashes is amazing. It’s perfect for the lower lashes as the brush is the perfect size without being too small for the upper ones, and the formula is great too as it doesn’t smudge or flake even after a really long day. It’s got one of those plastic wands and it works perfectly. The things I love the most are the easiness of use and the blackest of blacks of the formula: it’s simply perfect!

Is this worth the high price mark? I always think that a mascara that gets thrown away after three months shouldn’t cost like a foundation or a blush that lasts a lot longer, but in this case, if you have a bit of money to spend on it and you’re curious, try it. It’s really a brilliant idea and i can’t really find a single wrong thing about it!

Have you tried this gorgeous Lancôme mascara? Are you curious to find if it’s really grandiôse?

P.S. Check out Brittany’s post here, she does step 2), then 1) and then 3) from my list in her gorgeous application video!

Se siete lettrici assidue di blog di bellezza avrete già visto questo meraviglioso nuovo mascara Lancôme, Grandiôse. E scommetto che siete curiose e siete state tentate dalle eccellenti recensioni. Beh, sono qui per dirvelo: è favoloso!

Essendo una grande fan dei mascara L’Oréal compro raramente mascara più costosi. Di questi uso volentieri campioni - adoro Le Volume de Chanel, Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant, Guerlain Cils d’Enfer -, ma quando ho bisogno di comprarne uno L’Oréal non mi delude mai. Questo mascara però è uscito nel momento perfetto: avevo appena finito il mio Ciglia Finte Farfalla Waterproof, il mio campione Guerlain non poteva durare per sempre e avevo uno sconto del 15% da Sephora. Non potevo lasciarmelo scappare!

Questo mascara ha un’innovativa impugnatura a collo di cigno, che è disegnata per rendere l’applicazione più facile su entrambi gli occhi. Da quello che leggo sulle istruzioni dovrebbe aiutare particolarmente l’applicazione con la stessa mano su entrambi gli occhi. Beh, dopo anni di allenamento cambio mano tra un occhio e l’altro, quindi non è per me particolarmente utile. Ma il segreto per ottenere il massimo da questo bellissimo mascara è ruotare l’applicatore seguendo la forma dell’occhio. Proverò a spiegarmi:
1) comincio dalle ciglia superiori impugnando l’applicatore dal basso, un po’ come farei normalmente
2) quindi, all’angolo esterno, lo giro in modo da impugnarlo dall’alto e “sollevare” le ciglia più esterne
3) per le ciglia inferiori, inizio con la punta rivolta verso il naso
4) e avvicinandomi all’angolo esterno ruoto l’applicatore in modo che la punta vada verso l’angolo esterno dell’occhio
Quindi cambio occhio e mano e il processo è semplicemente speculare. Spero che sia abbastanza chiaro!

Parlando dell’effetto, dona volume eccezionale e un nero nerissimo alla prima passata. Non è il mascara che definisce meglio le ciglia tra quelli che ho provato, ma non le unisce neanche e non forma grumi. L’effetto volumizzante è incredibile, allunga le ciglia e la curva che dona alle mie ciglia “ok” è spettacolare. È anche perfetto per le ciglia inferiori visto che l’applicatore è della misura perfetta senza essere troppo piccolo per quelle superiori, e la formula è fantastica visto che non cola o si sbriciola anche dopo una giornata molto lunga. L’applicatore è di quelli in plastica/gomma è funziona perfettamente. Le cose che preferisco sono la facilità di applicazione e il colore nerissimo della formula: semplicemente perfetti!

Vale il prezzo elevato? Penso sempre che un mascara che viene buttato dopo tre mesi non debba costare quanto un fondotinta o una blush che durano molto di più, ma in questo caso, se potete e siete curiose, provatelo. È davvero un’idea geniale e non riesco a trovare nessun difetto!

Avete provato questo meraviglioso mascara Lancôme? Siete curiose di scoprire se è davvero grandiôse?

P.S. Date un’occhiata al post di Brittany qui, lei fa gli step de me menzionati nell’ordine 2), 1) e 3) nel suo meraviglioso video!


  1. This looks so different from any mascara a I've ever tried, but to be honest I've been let down by Lancôme mascara before so I'd be weary of spending so much on a mascara x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I know, and to be honest I can't even remember a Lancôme mascara I've truly loved... But this one was calling my name and I'm glad I bought it in the end! ;) xx

  3. Lancome is one of my favorite brands, I love almost everything (except nail polishes) but I haven't tried this mascara yet. Thanks for the review. I will definitely get one.

  4. Now that I've seen two people who's opinions I hold in high regard review this, I may just have to pick it up at some point. Of course, I've seen it talked about but you know I was never drawn to it. However, I just watched Sarah from Not Your Typical Doll Face review this on her Youtube channel last night. :-) And now with your recommendation, well ya know, it's on my radar now. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  5. I haven't stepped out of my house in a long long time so have no idea if this has reached our shores yet or not! Looks like a very interesting contraption though! :-)


  6. It's a strange thing... That luckily works! I love it more every time I use it ;) xx

  7. I'm pretty sure I will like this mascara. what about Lancome nail polishes, I haven't tried recently, but I used to wear Vernis In Love polishes some time ago, and I was not crazy forthem. I especially didn't like the glittery ones. in red mat was good, though.

  8. I have loved the lancome mascaras in the past and this one sound quite interesting. I will have a look next time I visit the store.

  9. i love the bottle and have been hearing only good thing abt this mascara
    definitely going to check out
    not that i need anything new ...but still ;)

  10. Hey Gyudy, I'm glad to hear you have great success with this one! I've heard different stories. It doesn't seem to excel on Asian lashes from what I can see so far. I am curious, but I really can't buy another mascara for the moment! I'll see if I can snag a small sample of some kind though, if they make those at all :)

  11. I totally agree about mascara. I hate paying the price of a blush or lipstick for a mascara as they have such a short life, HOWEVER you wear it everyday and they make such a difference to your whole look xx

    Gemma |

  12. Yup, L'Oreal mascaras always do the trick for me.. I have no idea why I splurged on a Benefit mascara today (well.. perhaps because it came with an eyeliner? Ahwell..) x

  13. Do it ;) It gives a gorgeous effect and it's so beautiful! ;) xx

  14. Ahah, I know what you mean! Luckily this time I was in need of a new mascara so that justified the splurge a bit ;) xx

  15. I was thinking about it the other day... It's such a gorgeous packaging that a miniature would be amazing but more expensive than usual for them to make as a sample I think! It's so bad that it doesn't seem to work on Asian lashes, but I can see why as it's quite a wet formula that probably wouldn't be the best to seriously hold a curl. xx

  16. You're totally right! So if I find a less expensive one that works I'm happy, but in the end a splurge here and there is totally justified! ;) xx

  17. Ahah, if you did it for the eyeliner I hope you love it as much as I do! L'Oreal mascaras are the best, but sometimes a bit of a splurge is so worth it! ;) xx

  18. That looks amazing. I used to love a mascara they did called 'Fatale' it was my holy grail and they discontinued broke my heart!! xx

    Sarah |

  19. Well, I got it sorted now, I'm keeping the Benefit eyeliner+mascara set as a birthday present for my friend! :') x

  20. Crazy volume and blackness at first swipe? That's what we're talking about! And No clumps? Ok, no need to say more, you got me! Great post Gyudy, xx Hélène ||

  21. Oh no, I hate it when that happens! Now I'm a little bit less worried that they discontinue products I love since I love to try so many new ones, but I remember they discontinued a Clarins foundation I loved and I was so sad! This one is gorgeous, it's really expensive given the good mascaras we can buy for less but it's really got something special... ;) xx

  22. Thank you! <3 This mascara is really close to perfection... I just applied it and I was amazed how fast I achieved wonderful results! Well, that's what I've been thinking every morning since I started using it ;) And well, this is one that won't get thrown away when it's done! ;) xx