Saturday 9 August 2014

My Skincare Routine: The Extras

There are a couple of other things, apart from my daily skincare routine, that I like to do to keep my skin in top conditions.

A couple of times a week I use a manual exfoliator under the shower, and when I’m done I like to use a facial masque, letting it work while I’m doing other things like taking off nail polish and filing my nails.

My absolute favourite facial exfoliator has to be the Exfoliating Purifying Gel from the Sebium line from Bioderma, as it’s really effective and super gentle. You’ve heard me talking about it here!

The masque I’m really loving at the moment is from the Hammam line from Yves Rocher. It’s a clay mask with Argan Oil in the formula, so it dries like a typical clay mask nourishing the skin at the same time making it much more gentle and a true all rounder. I really see a difference when I add the masque step to my routine: when I happen to be on a rush and skip it I definitely find a difference in the overall condition of my skin.

The una-tantum alternative to my cleansing routine

When I come home late at night and can’t be bothered to cleanse, I do a speed version of my usual cleanse. After removing the bulk of my makeup with micellar water as usual (see the whole process here), I drag myself to the sink and use a deep cleanser to make up for the missing steps. The one I’m using at the moment is this Purifying Gel Cleanser from the Pure System line from Yves Rocher, which I find fits perfectly for the purpose and is also slightly exfoliating. Then, if really I’m dying to get to sleep I just slap some moisturizer all over, eye area included (better than nothing), but otherwise the following steps are the same as usual (here they are!).

What about you? Which extra steps you do to treat your skin a bit more?

Ci sono un paio di altre cose, oltre alla mia normale routine di cura del viso, che mi piace fare per mantenere la mia pelle nelle migliori condizioni.

Un paio di volte alla settimana uso uno scrub sotto la doccia, e quando ho finito mi piace usare una maschera, lasciandola agire mentre faccio altre cose come togliere lo smalto e limarmi le unghie.

Il mio esfoliante viso preferito è il Gel Esfoliante Purificante della linea Sebium Bioderma, visto che è davvero efficace e molto delicato. Mi avete già sentito parlarne qui!

La maschera che mi piace molto al momento è della linea Hammam Yves Rocher. È una classica maschera all’argilla con Olio di Argan all’interno, quindi asciuga come una normale maschera purificante nutrendo allo stesso tempo la pelle rendendola molto più gentile e dai molteplici effetti. Vedo davvero una differenza quando aggiungo questo step alla mia routine: quando sono di fretta e lo salto vedo veramente una differenza nella condizione generale della mia pelle.

L’alternativa una-tantum alla mia routine di detersione

Quando torno a casa tardi e non ho davvero voglia di fare tutto per bene faccio una versione veloce della mia solita detersione. Dopo aver rimosso la maggior parte del trucco con l’acqua micellare (vedi il procedimento completo qui), mi trascino al lavandino e uso un detergente profondo per rimediare ai passaggi mancanti. Quello che sto usando al momento è il Gel Esfoiante Purificante della linea Pure System Yves Rocher, che trovo perfetto per questo visto che è leggermente esfoliante. Poi, se davvero sto morendo di sonno, metto semplicemente la crema idratante dappertutto, contorno occhi compreso (meglio di niente), altrimenti gli step seguenti sono quelli abituali (eccoli qui!).

E voi? Quali step fate in più per prendervi un po’ più cura della vostra pelle?


  1. I love Yves Rocher products. I am tempted to buy that exfoliator from Bioderma. Great post as always, Gyudy!


  2. Thank you lovely! I love Yves Rocher too, there are some hits and misses as it always happens but I can't resist their discounts! I absolutely recommend the Bioderma exfoliator, I simply cannot use another one, I love it! :) xx

  3. Hey Gyudy, thanks for sharing! I don't do that much "extra" in terms of skincare. I use a chemical peel once every week/10 days, and a mud mask at about the same frequency (not on the same day of course). Have you tried other stuff from Bioderma Sebium? I love the Pore Refiner! I use it as a mattifying primer/moisturizer 2-in-1!

  4. I really recommend it, it's awesome! ;) xx

  5. I loved it! I haven't felt the need to repurchase it when I run out of it though. One of my favourite products from the line is the Serum, I use it in the winter once a week as a chemical exfoliator and is amazing! Thank you for reading and sharing what you do Sunny! Have a nice day :) xx

  6. I agree. Their deals&promos are amazing :)

  7. I am so with you! I drag myself to the sink every night without fail even though sometimes I so don't feel like it. But I never thought to keep around a different type of deep cleanser when I want to shorten my steps. Great tip Gyudy! I usually mask twice a week and although I use my Clarisonic 4x week (charged it last night), I also throw in a manual exfoliator as well. Right now I'm using Ole Henriksen's Walnut Scrub. Again, jealous we don't get Bioderma here! :-)

  8. I was using just micellar water to remove my makeup in those late nights but I wasn't finding it great as my skin never looked right the following morning... So I thought a deeper cleanser would be quick and useful! ;) I'd like to try that scrub just for the name... Yum! ;)

  9. I've just got myself into Bioderma skin care, I'm not keen on their micellar water but the other bits seem so good. I get really lazy with cleansing too! Have to get into a proper routine to keep at it but any slight difference and I get lazy again haha can't be helped.

  10. I know what you mean, but knowing the difference it makes to my skin keeps me going! ;) Uh, whenever someone doesn't like their micellar water I'm shocked, it's so well loved and I really can't fault it... Everyone's different though! ;)
    Thanks for reading! xx