Thursday 7 August 2014

My Skincare Routine: The Evening

It’s time for the second part of my skincare routine, the evening one. In the evening I like to really be sure that my makeup is removed properly and the skin is ready to adsorb well what I’m applying next.

Evening Skincare Routine

I start by taking off the bulk of my makeup with a micellar water. I might use a biphase makeup remover before (I love the Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover from Sephora) if I’m wearing something waterproof on either the eyes or the lips, but otherwise the micellar water (my favourite is again the Sensibio from Bioderma) is more than enough as it really removes everything - with a little more product waterproof mascara and liner too!

After that the deep cleanse starts. I use either a balm or a cream cleanser, and I massage it on my skin throughly. At the moment I’m using the Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream, but apart from the smell and the lovely consistency I’m not blown away by it. After adding some water I massage it in a little bit more, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Next comes the Clarisonic. I take a gentle slightly foaming gel cleanser (the one from the Hydra Vegetal line from Yves Rocher is mu current one, I really like it!) and massage it on damp skin, wet the Clarisonic brush (I have a Clarisonic Aria) and use it as directed for one minute at the lowest intensity. The results are amazing. My skin is smooth, clean and not red in the slightest: I’ve always suffered from a bit of redness in the lower part of my cheeks, but since I’ve started using the Clarisonic it has subsided significantly which is an effect I wouldn’t have imagined. When I don’t use it for a couple of days I really start wondering what’s wrong with my skin!

The next steps (toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer) are the same as in the morning (see my routine here), with the exception of my eye cream. I like to use a heavier one that wouldn’t sit as well under makeup, and the one I’m currently using is from the Micro line from Rilastil. I really like it, keeps the eye area hydrated but I don’t wake up with puffy eyes as it happens when an eye cream is too rich. And I hope is doing a little bit in the wrinkles prevention department too!

After all that, that takes roughly 5 minutes, I’m ready to go to bed knowing that I’ve taken care of my skin. This has been working really well for me, as a whole, and especially for the Clarisonic, which is an investment I really recommend.
Tell me, are you as crazy as me when you cleanse at night? Don’t forget to come back saturday for “the extras” in my skincare routine! :)

È arrivato il momento della seconda parte della mia routine di cura del viso, quella serale. Alla sera mi piace essere sicura di aver rimosso completamente il trucco e che la mia pelle sia pronta ad assorbire bene che cosa sto per applicare dopo.

inizio togliendo il grosso del trucco con l’acqua micellare. È possibile che io usi uno struccante bifasico (mi piace il Super Struccante Occhi Waterproof Sephora) se indosso qualcosa di waterproof sugli occhi o sulla bocca, ma altrimenti l’acqua micellare (la mia preferita è sempre quella della linea Sensibio Bioderma) è più che sufficiente visto che rimuove davvero tutto - con un po’ più di prodotto anche mascara e eyeliner waterproof!

In seguito comincia la vera e propria detersione. Uso un balsamo o una crema struccante e lo massaggio con cura sul viso. Al momento sto usando la crema Crema Detergente Delicata Clarins, ma a parte il buon profumo e la consistenza piacevole non mi entusiasma particolarmente. Dopo aver aggiunto un po’ d’acqua la massaggio ancora un po’, per poi sciacquarla via con acqua tiepida.

Giunge quindi il momento del Clarisonic. Prendo un gel detergente delicato leggermente schiumogeno (al momento sto usando quello della linea Hydra Vegetal di Yves Rocher, mi piace!) e lo massaggio sulla pelle umida, bagno la spazzola del Clarisonic (il mio è un Clarisonic Aria) e lo uso come indicato per un minuto all’intensità più bassa. I risultati sono favolosi. La mia pelle è morbida, senza imperfezioni e per niente rossa: ho sempre sofferto di leggeri rossori nella parte inferiore delle guance, ma da quando ho cominciato ad usarlo è diminuita significativamente, ed è un effetto che non mi sarei aspettata. Quando non lo uso per un paio di giorni inizio a chiedermi cos’abbia la mia pelle che non va!

I passi successivi (tonico, siero, contorno occhi e crema idratante) sono gli stessi del mattino (leggi il post qui), con l’eccezione del contorno occhi. Mi piace usarne uno più nutriente che non andrebbe bene sotto al trucco, e quello che sto usando al momento è della linea Micro della Rilastil. Mi piace molto, mantiene l’area del contorno occhi ben idratata ma non mi sveglio con gli occhi gonfi come con altre creme troppo ricche. Spero poi che agisca almeno in parte nella prevenzione delle rughe!

Dopo tutto questo, che dura circa cinque minuti, sono pronta ad andare a dormire sapendo di essermi presa cura della mia pelle. Questa routine funziona molto bene per me, nell’insieme e soprattutto per il Clarisonic, che è un investimento che consiglio davvero.

Ditemi, siete matti come me quando detergete la pelle la sera? Non dimenticatevi ti tornare sabato per “gli extra” della mia routine! :)


  1. I need to get my hands on a clarisonic! I have a lot of redness too:(


  2. I need to charge my Clarisonic, lol. I've been testing a lot of Clarins out myself (have a review going up next week I think) - anyway, the Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea that I've been using is nice but like you, not blown away. Also, I get so confused with Clarins because the names of their products are different in different jurisdictions - I am not sure if we get the same stuff as Canada or the U.S. :-)

  3. I hope it works for you as well, I wasn't expecting that as I never saw someone mention it as an effect!
    You might try Rosaliac AR Intense from La Roche Posay, it's amazing ;) xx

  4. I always have to read well the name of the product to be sure it's what I think it is ;) I've never found a product I didn't like from them but nothing has blown me away yet!
    My Clarisonic gets charged as soon a the light starts saying it's time ;) xx

  5. Love the sound of the Yves Rocher scrub, and the clarasonic sounds so good! I have to get one.

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  6. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post for the details! :)

    Leave me a comment when you’ve posted your answers so I can read them too!

    Rach x

  7. Bioderma is also a firm staple in my routine - nothing beats it for me!

  8. The Yves Rocher product is just a cleanser, but I talk about an exfoliating one from them in today's post ;) It's still amazing though and perfect for the Clarisonic ;) xx

  9. Hi lovely, I'm sorry but I wrote my Liebster Award last week and there were already a good amount of questions to answer so I can't add yours or do another one... I will mention you there with a link to your blog though! Thank you so much for nominating me!!! Have a great weekend ;) xx

  10. That's okay, I didn't realise you'd done one so recently when I nominated you! You must be getting popular! ;) x

  11. Absolutely love your skincare picks Gyudy! I've been considering buying a Clarisonic myself after testing it out.. makes such a difference to you skin doesn't it!? Too bad about the price! xx

  12. I put a lot of time and thought into my nightly cleansing routine as well! I love the Clarisonic too, but just for once or twice a week or so.

  13. Thank you a lot! Well, I think I've just been lucky with the diffusion of the post recently... Thank you again! ;) xx

  14. Thank you! Yes, it makes an immense difference and in the end I think it's worth it... The price is intimidating, I bought it with 20% off and it certainly helped a bit! ;) xx

  15. Taking the time to cleanse properly makes such a difference :) I use it at the lowest speed to make it more gentle and suitable for daily use ;) xx

  16. A good routine can make so much of a difference. I have only tried the clarins balm and bioderma and love them both! I am thinking of buying Clarisonic soon. xx

  17. I really recommend a Clarisonic based on my experience, no freaking out and just good results... You're right, a good routine helps so much! ;) xx

  18. I've been contemplating getting the clarisonic for a little while now but I'm hearing mixed reviews. I currently just use a Sephoras face brush that doesnt costs nearly as much but i think I might need to move on.

  19. Great post Gyudy,
    Clarisonic will not be too harsh for my dry skin?

  20. Thank you! :) I can't know for sure and the problem with Clarisonic is that I don't think it's possible to try it before buying, but I have to say that my boyfriend uses it a couple of times a week and his dry sensitive skin got a lot better! Hope it helps ;) xx

  21. I will buy, then. Thanks honey.