Tuesday 5 August 2014

My Skincare Routine: The Morning

I love skincare. I’ve been into it from a pretty young age and I’m really thankful for that. I’ve come to know my skin pretty well, recognize its needs and address any issues. My skin is what I like to define as normal: random dry patches in the winter, a little bit of oiliness in the summer, but nothing more. Do we want to call it combination? Ok, I have slightly combination skin. But most of us do ;)
My skincare routine is something that stays pretty much the same over the year: I change the products when I need to, but the main structure doesn’t change.

Morning Skincare Routine

I was going to do a single post on my whole skincare routine, but the moment I finished writing it I realized it was too long. So I’m going to split it in three posts that are going to go up this week, starting today with my morning skincare routine.

In the morning I admit I really can’t be bothered to go to the sink and do a proper cleanse. Micellar water is my best friend, and I think its fine because my evening cleanse is always a very deep cleanse. My favorite has to be the well-known Sensibio Micellar Water from Bioderma, but I’ve tried many others and they’re almost all fine. This one in the end is the cheaper alternative for me (I stock up on it when I can buy a 500 ml bottle for €13,90 and the 100 ml ones for €2), and I find it the most gentle and effective.

I always follow up with some kind of toner, may it be an hydrating one, a slightly exfoliating one or a facial spritz like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This is what I’m using at the moment (I already mentioned it in my July Favourites here), and I particularly love it in the summer because it’s really refreshing and it gives the skin a lovely glow. And well, I adore the smell.

Then there’s the serum step. I use it to address specific needs of my skin at the time. I might use an hydrating serum in the winter (love the La Roche Posay Hydraphase one!), a brightening one during the change of season or a clarifying one all year round if my skin needs it. At the moment I’m using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel as a serum, because after I started using locally I’ve decided to try a really thin layer all over my face and I’ve been really loving how its effects add to the smoothness of my skin. 

After serum I apply my eye cream, which is the Skin Trainer Eyes from Kiko. Is a lovely slightly tinted lightweight fluid, that keeps the eye area hydrated and ready for makeup application.

My moisturizer at the moment is the Hydraphase Intense Legere from La Roche Posay. It is a really lightweight moisturizer that really packs an intense moisture. I was hesitant to keep using it the summer, but it doesn’t weight skin down in the slightest keeping it well hydrated.

Here it is, how my skincare routine looks like in the morning. What about yours?
Stay tuned because my evening one is coming on Thursday!

Mi piace un sacco la cura del viso. Ho incominciato a interessarmene abbastanza presto e ne sono davvero contenta. Ho imparato a conoscere la mia pelle abbastanza bene, a riconoscere i suoi bisogni e intervenire in caso di problemi. La mia pelle mi piace definirla normale: qualche zona più secca durante l’inverno, leggermente più oleosa in estate, ma nulla di più. Vogliamo definirla mista? Ok, ho la pelle leggermente mista. Come la maggior parte di noi del resto ;)
La mia routine di cura della pelle è qualcosa che rimane piuttosto costante durante l’anno: cambio i prodotti quando serve, ma lo schema fondamentale non cambia.

La mia intenzione era quella di scrivere un unico post sulla mia routine completa, ma nel momento in cui ho finito di scriverlo mi sono resa conto che era davvero troppo lungo. Per questo motivo lo dividerò in tre parti che pubblicherò tutte questa settimana, cominciando oggi con la mia routine mattutina.

Ammetto che appena alzata non ho la minima intenzione di trascinarmi fino al lavandino per lavarmi il viso. L’acqua micellare è la mia migliore amica, e penso che vada bene perché la mia detersione serale è sempre molto profonda. La mia preferita è la famosa acqua micellare Sensibio Bioderma, ma ne ho provate molte altre e vanno più o meno tutte bene. Questa alla fine è l’alternativa per me più economica (faccio scorta quando trovo la bottiglia da 500 ml a €13,90 e quelle da 100 ml a €2), e trovo che sia la più delicata ed efficace.

In seguito uso sempre un tonico, che sia idratante, esfoliante o uno spray come il Beauty Elixir Caudalie. Quest’ultimo è ciò che sto usando al momento (ne ho già parlato nel mio post sui preferiti di luglio qui), lo amo particolarmente in estate perché è davvero rinfrescante e rende la pelle luminosa. E poi, adoro il suo profumo!

È quindi il turno del siero. Lo uso per andare incontro alle diverse necessità della mia pelle a seconda del periodo: un siero idratante in inverno (mi piace quello della linea Hydraphase di La Roche Posay!), uno illuminante durante il cambio di stagione o uno purificante durante tutto l’anno se la mia pelle ne ha bisogno. Al momento sto usando l’Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing gel di Clinique come siero, perché dopo averlo usato localmente ho deciso di provarne uno strato leggerissimo su tutto il viso e mi piace molto come aggiunga morbidezza alla mia pelle.

Dopo il siero metto il contorno occhi, lo Skin Trainer Eyes di Kiko. È un fantastico fluido leggermente colorato, che mantiene questa delicata area idratata e pronta per l’applicazione del trucco.

La mia crema idratante al momento è Hydraphase Intense Legere di La Roche Posay. È un idratante molto leggero ma davvero molto “potente”. Avevo paura a continuare ad usarlo d’estate per questo motivo, ma non appesantisce per nulla la pelle, mantenendola ben idratata.

Eccola qua, la mia routine di cura del viso mattutina. Che mi dite della vostra?

Ricordatevi di tornare giovedì, parlerò di quella serale!


  1. Great post, Gyudy! I haven't tried anything you've mentioned her, so I'll have to look them up the next time I hit up the store. The Bioderma Miccelaire water is so expensive in the US, I've heard that it's much cheaper in Europe. Can't wait to visit Europe soon! :D xx

  2. still need to get my hands on that caudalie spray! it always gets great reviews

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. win some Raybans of your choice + a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here.

  3. Hey Gyudy! I love reading skincare posts, the bioderma has been staple product. I'm now intrigued to try the claudalie beauty elixir. xx


  4. Absolutely love Bioderma, but I mainly use it at night. Maybe I should switch things up slightly too! And that Caudalie Beauty Elixir is soooo tickling my fancy - I need to get my hands on that! Xx

  5. Don't forget to tell me in advance if you do, and somewhere in Italy or close would make it easier for us to meet! ;)
    Well, some things are cheaper but most of them are a bit more expensive and we don't have a lot of things... The situation is getting better (especially in Italy since in the last couple of years more brands like Nars and Laura Mercier have become available), but we will always see the grass greener on the other side, lol!
    Thank you, glad you enjoyed! Have the nicest day :) xx

  6. It's so addictive once you try it ;) Thanks for reading!

  7. I love it a lot! I enjoy reading skincare posts too, taking inspiration form others for products to try and things to try doing different in my routine ;) xx

  8. Skincare is most important step in our life ,Im glad u have started pretty early in your age
    u know I want to try claudalie beauty elixir and time and again Im seeing ppl liking it ,i need to buy for myself ;)

  9. I've gone through a dozen bottles of Bioderma, but I mostly use it at night as a makeup remover (following by a cleansing balm and so on). I actually have the Clinique gel, but it contains a bit too much alcohol for me to use all over my face. Glad to hear it's working well for you though!

  10. I haven't tried any of these but I definitely want to get Bioderma water. Looking forward to another post about your skincare routine. xoxo http://ninasstyleblog.blogspot.com

  11. I like to use my water cleanser too in the morning, I find that my skin has become smoother because of the routine. Thanks for sharing yours!



  12. It's my morning cleanser of choice because it's so quick and easy to use, but I also use it at night to remove makeup... I just love it! :) The Beauty Elixir is absolutely worth the hype xx

  13. I was scared of the alcohol content too, but I haven't had signs of irritation or dryness so I think it's fine! At first I was feeling like I was putting vodka on my face though ;P
    I use the Bioderma at night followed by a balm like you, but it's for tomorrow's post! ;) xx

  14. Thank you! It's coming tomorrow ;) xx

  15. Thank you for your comment! :) Glad you enjoyed it xx

  16. You've got an incredible routine there! I am so jealous of your ease of access to the Bioderma, always wanted to try! I admit I cleanse with water and a cleanser in the mornings, but I always use something cream based and more gentle. No need to scrub your face off in the morning if you've done a good job deep cleaning it at night. There are many skincare products I love but don't think I've found my ultimate, perfect routine yet! Can't wait to see your next posts! :-)

  17. Thank you! It took me a lot of trial and error to find what worked for me, but since I started sticking to what's working and only changing one product at a time I've seen a world of a difference :) xx

  18. Aw, thank you! I hope we can meet one day- that would be so awesome. I don't have any plans to visit Europe though but I'll let you know when I do. xx